The Stranger With A Cage

The Stranger With A Cage


The following short story is my own theory as to why a young stranger dressed as he was, carrying a strange item was walking in a wood.  We crossed paths in my local wood one morning early in July, you can read about it Here. I also invite you to write your own interpretation of this unusual young mans story.


Jaideep watched as his mother sat heavily in shame, head in hands as he gently broke the news to her.

“How are we going to deal with this?” She exclaimed, “you know they don’t have any more chances Jaideep, what are we going to do?”

Jaideep slowly sat down opposite his mother.  He was a smart, gentle young man who, under unfortunate circumstances had become the head of the family at an early age, but had taken on the responsibility extremely well.  His twin sisters, on the other hand Continue reading “The Stranger With A Cage”