Reflecting Back On 2019 While Looking Forward To An Exciting New Year!

Reflecting Back On 2019 While Looking Forward To An Exciting New Year!

It’s amazing the things you forget.  I often look back and reflect on the things we’ve experienced, but more so at this time of year. I find that photographs help immensely with jolting my memory, so I turned to my mobile phone to reflect on the photographs of 2019.  I found myself, smiling and laughing along with remembering a few things that I’d totally forgotten we’d done.  I do curse these mobile phones sometimes, but by far the best thing about them, is they allow you to be quite a good photographer!

We’re nearing the end of 2019 and it’s a good time for reflection.

Personally, I’ve found 2019 to be an interesting year…

Fernie, Canada where the weather can be interesting!

It started out with a snowboarding trip to Canada in February where experiencing  strange weather was an education, you’re never too late to learn right?

A new bathroom for the boat where we live, with a homemade composting toilet, (I’m sure I’ll get around to that blog post some time in the New Year!)

Twice in 2019 I was honoured to be a guest blogger, once for Dan Swords, where I was asked to talk about what I’d learnt from my short time as a blogger and also I was asked by Hugh for his blog, to write about my experiences as a blogger, where I wrote about how I almost gave up.  Writing both these pieces were a little different to my normal writing style, a little out of my Continue reading “Reflecting Back On 2019 While Looking Forward To An Exciting New Year!”

One year on…

One year on…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and much merriment!

For us, like most people, Christmas was a time to switch off, take a step back and spend quality time with family.

We had a great Christmas in our camper van, Polly.  We drove up North on Christmas Eve to visit with my family where we spent the time between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day generally eating too much, drinking too much, playing games, (which got quite raucous at times) and laughing a lot, then on Boxing Day evening we drove down South to do much of the same with Jon’s family.  We are here now to see in the New Year in Cornwall. Continue reading “One year on…”