An Antique Thingy And I Don’t Mean My Mum!

I had a really enjoyable afternoon out with my mum yesterday.  She’s, let’s say…the latter side of an 80 something year young woman and we often enjoy afternoons out together.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with her, not just because she’s my mum and I love her to bits, but because she’s funny and a pleasure to be around.  She finds it hard to accept her age, because in her head she’s still in her 60’s, if not younger.  I’m the same, I can’t believe I’m 53, because in my head I’m in my 30’s.  Yes she’s got a few niggles with this and that health wise, well actually, a lot of niggles, in fact I’d be here all blooming day if I had to list them all, but you don’t get to mums ripe age without gathering a few ‘blooming nuisance‘ (as mum puts it), aches and pains, but let’s just say she can’t do any cartwheels the way she used to. Continue reading “An Antique Thingy And I Don’t Mean My Mum!”


One year on…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and much merriment!

For us, like most people, Christmas was a time to switch off, take a step back and spend quality time with family.

We had a great Christmas in our camper van, Polly.  We drove up North on Christmas Eve to visit with my family where we spent the time between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day generally eating too much, drinking too much, playing games, (which got quite raucous at times) and laughing a lot, then on Boxing Day evening we drove down South to do much of the same with Jon’s family.  We are here now to see in the New Year in Cornwall. Continue reading “One year on…”