#SundayStills – A Burst of Yellow

#SundayStills – A Burst of Yellow

Terri Webster Schrandt’s #SundayStills Photography Challenge

This weeks theme is…

Yellow Autumn Or Leaves

This is such a beautiful theme for me personally, as leaves are from one of my most favourite and loved things in the world – Trees

It’s wonderful how in autumn, when leaves are beginning to fall and wither away, how nature wants to give them one last burst of life and colour

From deep green to bright yellow, turning to brown then falling…


Autumn, along with rain and dull skies, usually gives us intermittent bursts of blue skies too, just to give that extra wow factor as you look up… 
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Friday’s Feel Good Therapy

Friday’s Feel Good Therapy


Want some Free Feel Good Therapy? Then get your trainers on and get to your nearest wood or forest, because it’s there waiting for you and I guarantee you’ll be feeling great the minute you start walking amongst nature.

Anyone who follows my blog may know that I absolutely love nature and walking, so it’s a no brainer for me when it’s time to walk the dogs that I usually find myself heading for the local woods to get some of that FREE Feel Good Therapy. Continue reading “Friday’s Feel Good Therapy”

#WordlessWednesday – Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

#WordlessWednesday – Which Way Does The Wind Blow?


I thought the formations of these trees on my dog walk yesterday were amazing, and although it was such a still day, you can guess which way the wind normally blows, can’t you?


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#Throwback Thursday – A world without Trees?

#Throwback Thursday – A world without Trees?

Originally posted Aug 2017 on Lovingthefiftysomething.com

Can you imagine a world without trees?  Isn’t that a terrible thought? I was thinking this while I was on one of my many walks last week. Continue reading “#Throwback Thursday – A world without Trees?”