An Antique Thingy And I Don’t Mean My Mum!

I had a really enjoyable afternoon out with my mum yesterday.  She’s, let’s say…the latter side of an 80 something year young woman and we often enjoy afternoons out together.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with her, not just because she’s my mum and I love her to bits, but because she’s funny and a pleasure to be around.  She finds it hard to accept her age, because in her head she’s still in her 60’s, if not younger.  I’m the same, I can’t believe I’m 53, because in my head I’m in my 30’s.  Yes she’s got a few niggles with this and that health wise, well actually, a lot of niggles, in fact I’d be here all blooming day if I had to list them all, but you don’t get to mums ripe age without gathering a few ‘blooming nuisance‘ (as mum puts it), aches and pains, but let’s just say she can’t do any cartwheels the way she used to. Continue reading “An Antique Thingy And I Don’t Mean My Mum!”