Eco Store

I am quite excited to have started a new venture as an independent distributor for Wikaniko, (We-can-eco), an online, eco-friendly store which is growing all the time with new environmentally friendly companies coming onboard, making eco-friendly products easily accessible on one website.

How I became a distributor

For quite a long time now I have been wanting to go environmentally friendly, (we’ve all seen the devastation from climate change, deforestation, plastics etc) but searching for the right products hasn’t been easy because you have to read everything about each individual item as to whether they are truly natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty free.  Since moving onto the boat I have been even more conscious of the household products I use for cleaning and laundry etc because obviously I’m aware that the chemicals from the everyday items go straight into the canal, which isn’t good at all.

Yes, more supermarkets are getting on board now and have small sections within their mighty ranges of products which is great, but you still have to read each product and still wonder if they are, for instance, tested on animals.  I happened to be searching the internet one day and came across Wikaniko and wow, my eyes lit up, because not only did they have a great variety of eco friendly household cleaning products, which was what I was looking for at the time, but as I started looking around the website I became quite excited by all the other things offered that I hadn’t even realised were available, such as biodegradable refuse bags and organic produce bags, I learnt about organic, natural ‘soap nuts‘ which are a brilliant alternative to the normal laundry detergent, (these little nuts grow on trees in India and they naturally create soap – come on…isn’t that amazing?!).  There are candles and reed diffusers, which have natural aromas.  There are pet products, health products, including vitamin supplements, there are aromatherapy essential oils, gift ideas and plant based skin care!  Hey, After using Estee Lauder skin care for goodness knows how many years and after spending a small fortune on it, oh and only recently learning that some of their ingredients come from sources where they still test on animals, I was definitely looking for a cruelty free skin care range.  I now use  Planted cleanser and moisturiser, along with their body butter and body scrub  It is a beautiful range of hand made skin care, all organic and naturally plant based, not tested on animals at all, the packaging is eco friendly and the smell and textures of them are just gorgeous.  The prices? Believe me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you’re used to buying top named brands.  I absolutely love them and am totally converted, I’m saving money and feel I’m saving a few fluffy bunnies too.

There are many companies on the website selling some great innovative eco friendly products and some brand names you may recognise.  All prices are comparable to the standard brands, if not cheaper, but the great thing about the website is you don’t have to start reading labels to scrutinise whether they’re cruelty free or eco friendly because they wouldn’t be on this website if they weren’t.  I have to say though, it is quite nice to read what they have in their products, because again, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have a browse for yourself HERE.

Going back to, ‘how I became a distributor?’ Whilst browsing the website, I noticed that there was a ‘Join us’ section.  I had a look, did some of my own research to check a few things out and came up with the conclusion that this is a great company who are trying to do some good for our planet and they are looking for distributors who wanted to make a difference too and who may also want to earn an income.    That was me, I signed up and ‘Eh Voila’ here I am, an independent distributor who is really quite excited and very passionate about trying to spread the message, that we don’t have to be cruel to animals to have nice skin care or cleaning products, we can have beautiful smells in our homes without breathing in chemicals and we can have packaging which can naturally break down.

It would be great if you could take a look at the website – have a browse and maybe you’ll see something which will make you think, “it would be better for the environment to use that product in my home instead of the brand I usually use”.  I know I have 🙂

Please note, at the moment this is UK based only.

Happy Eco Shopping 🙂