🌿 Step Into Eco 🌱

🎉 My new venture!

I am now an independent distributor for Wikaniko, (We-can-eco).  I’m self employed and called ‘Step Into Eco’.  I sell eco friendly and cruelty free products, which are all easily accessible on one Website

How I became a distributor

I had been wanting to go environmentally friendly for a while, and whilst scanning the internet for products, I came across Wikaniko and my eyes lit up.

There are hundreds of eco friendly products such as 100% degradable refuse bags and organic produce bags, I learnt about organic, natural ‘soap nuts’.  There are candles, pet products and health products, including vitamin supplements, along with aromatherapy essential oils, gift ideas and plant based skin care, oh and the natural soaps smell good enough to eat!

Then I noticed…

…there was a ‘Join us’ button and after doing some research, I realised this is something I’d love to get involved with.

I signed up and ‘Eh Voila’ here I am, an independent distributor, in fact, after my first month I had a little promotion to Qualified Distributor – Go Me!!  

I have tried many of these products myself and it just goes to show that we do not have to test on animals to have nice skin care or cleaning products.  We can have beautiful smells in our homes without breathing in chemicals, and we can have packaging which naturally break down or be 100% recyclable.

Bamboo Eco Towels

For instance I love the Ecoegg Bamboo towels! It’s been an amazing ‘eco’ swap for me as they have totally replaced the very wasteful kitchen towels I used to constantly buy.  Bamboo towels last for ages!  Use and throw in the washer with your clothes and it comes out ready to use again and again, (do not put into a dryer though).  Very absorbent, strong enough to use wet as a dishcloth or in the bathroom or anywhere and also useful as a dry cloth.  A definite eco swap for me and that’s one of many ‘eco swaps I have made since joining as an independent distributor.  One towel lasts ages! 😇

Making a few eco friendly swaps from your normal brands is now very easy, why not take a peek and see what you could swap…

Click below to go to Wikaniko where there are 1000’s of environmentally friendly and cruelty free every day products ⬇︎

Let’s help this planet of ours  – Happy Eco Shopping

Or you can find me on Facebook @Stepintoeco

Click HERE to learn more about becoming an independent eco products distributor.

Please note, this is a UK based business