The Stranger With A Cage

The Stranger With A Cage


The following short story is my own theory as to why a young stranger dressed as he was, carrying a strange item was walking in a wood.  We crossed paths in my local wood one morning early in July, you can read about it Here. I also invite you to write your own interpretation of this unusual young mans story.


Jaideep watched as his mother sat heavily in shame, head in hands as he gently broke the news to her.

“How are we going to deal with this?” She exclaimed, “you know they don’t have any more chances Jaideep, what are we going to do?”

Jaideep slowly sat down opposite his mother.  He was a smart, gentle young man who, under unfortunate circumstances had become the head of the family at an early age, but had taken on the responsibility extremely well.  His twin sisters, on the other hand Continue reading “The Stranger With A Cage”

A Strange Encounter, You Write The Story

A Strange Encounter, You Write The Story

I thought I’d already seen many strange things in my lifetime, but it turns out I hadn’t.  This all became apparent on a morning dog walk through my local wood.  I  came across the strangest encounter I have ever had.  Certainly more strange than seeing two legged, large pink rabbits snowboarding down a mountain or grown men, purposely wearing their trousers so they fall beneath their ass line, whilst trying to hold them up from the front and walking as if they’d had a bad accident in them.  No, this latest encounter left me a little perplexed.  I’ll explain… Continue reading “A Strange Encounter, You Write The Story”

If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?

If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?


Here is my entry for The Bloggers Bash Blog Competition 2019′.  The theme this year is ‘Five’ and only 375 words can be used.

If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?

– By Samantha Smith

“Five minutes. Save five things.”  Talking calmly, he left me on the floor beaten and crying.  “Five minutes isn’t long enough!” I pleaded.  He walked outside, I sensed he was smiling, “Tick tock” he taunted, looking at his watch.  “This house is special to me, you’re going to burn it down?” I jumped up panicking, hands on my head, scrunching my hair in my fists, spinning round on the spot.  Only five things, I had to act fast.  I began running from room to room, not thinking straight as he watched from outside.  “Five things, five minutes,” I kept repeating to myself, “why?” I didn’t understand, but I did know he was serious.  Continue reading “If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?”

Thursday Photo Prompt – Ahead #writephoto

Thursday Photo Prompt – Ahead #writephoto

“Mummy mummy, that’s a man!” Amy was excited as she tugged at her mummy’s arm, “look, over there!” she pointed,

“Where?” said her mummy as she looked in the direction of where Amy was pointing, “I can’t see a man Amy.”

Amy tried again, “He’s there, over there!” Amy pointed again, but her mum wasn’t seeing this man anywhere, “he’s got funny green hair!” Amy continued.

“Shh Amy, if there is a man, he might hear you!” Amy’s mum looked again toward where Amy was pointing, frowning and shaking her head she said impatiently, “Amy there is no man, now come on”  Amy’s mum pulled Amy in the direction they were walking, embarrassed because she could see I was sat with my dog, Rose on a small rock eating my packed lunch and knowing I could hear them.

Amy kept looking back in the direction of where she had pointed, obviously frustrated and upset that her mum hadn’t listened to her.   They quickly disappeared down the path, I could hear Amy crying.

“We can see the man can’t we Rose?” I whispered in Rose’s ear.  Rose pricked up her ears and wagged her tail, “If Amy’s mum had just stopped, given her a little time, patience and used a little imagination, then she would’ve seen him too, wouldn’t she Rose?” I shrugged and looked back at the view in front of us, “he does have funny green hair!” I said as I bit into my sandwich.


I wrote this in response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt Writing Challenge Ahead #writephoto 


The Annual Bloggers Bash Writing Competition 2018

The Annual Bloggers Bash  Writing Competition 2018

As I’ll be attending my first Annual Bloggers Bash in May this year I thought I’d give the writing competition a go too.

As there’s another exciting event happening on the same day as the Bash, the theme of the writing competition is ‘Royalty’ and there’s a maximum of 300 words per entry.

So here’s my first EVER, flash fiction short story competition entry… Continue reading “The Annual Bloggers Bash Writing Competition 2018”