The Long Haul To Sun Peaks And A Book Dilemma

The Long Haul To Sun Peaks And A Book Dilemma

Our annual snowboarding trip had arrived and after looking initially for a week in Europe, then comparing prices to our favourite destination, Canada, we found that for a little more, we could have 10 days, two for one lift passes, which is worth around £400, and snowboarding in one of the best destinations in the world, (in our opinion, who, by the way, hasn’t been to that many snowboarding destinations, so has no real authority to comment).  No brainer, Canada it is, again, 4th year running, you only live once right?.

IMG_7205Honestly, travel gets better every year due to technology advancing rapidly.  We checked in online 24 hours before travelling, including having printed our own boarding passes, with seats already allocated, sent to our phones.  For us, it started with a 3 hour drive to London Heathrow where parking was booked online and consisted of a very easy process from the moment we pulled up, to 20 minutes later being inside Heathrow standing at a self service machine where we were putting in our flight details and printing out our bag tags, then walking up to where we say, “goodbye, please be there a million miles aways at the other end of the journey,” to our bags and realising we hadn’t queued for anything yet.

Security was next, where there was ‘some’ queuing, but to be honest as you zig zag round all the strategically placed tape and bollards, we didn’t stop moving.  We soon got to the security area where shoes come off, belts off, coats off, everything out of bags and put in trays ready to be scanned?  No, none of that anymore, just coats off and bags with contents left in, on a tray and through the scanner they go while you walk through the human scanners and hope you don’t beep.  I’ve never got through security so quick and easily! Eh Voila, we were in the main hub of departures looking for somewhere to have lunch.

I honestly think Heathrow is a fabulous airport, there are so many choices of places to eat, and it’s like being in a large shopping mall.  You think you have hours to wait before boarding your plane, but that time soon goes.

My book dilemma

A good lunch, a few items from duty free purchased and my favourite thing to do in a departure lounge…losing some time in the book shop, choosing that holiday book, or in my case, three!IMG_7308

I had decided to have a change to my normal genre.  I normally love and have recently read two Tudor based novels The Kings Curse and Three Sisters, Three Queens both by Phillipa Gregory, which have been excellent, but I seriously need a break from the dark Tudor days and well, they were brutal in those days, weren’t they?  I’d normally then reach for a gripping thriller or Continue reading “The Long Haul To Sun Peaks And A Book Dilemma”

Exploring Kirroughtree Forest

Exploring Kirroughtree Forest

IMG_9008Back in November 2019, we decided to take Polly, our camper van and do some touring of Scotland, initially around the Dumfries area, then we’d see where Polly would take us.  We were also on the hunt for, not only some great walking, but some good mountain biking trails.

Our first Brit Stop seemed to be just a car park off the beaten track in Caerlaverock, near Dumfries.  It was late and very dark so we didn’t really know what our surroundings were.  Little did we know that we’d stumbled upon a beautiful nature reserve.  I wrote about this here, where I also explain what Brit Stops are.

From there we were heading towards Newton Stewart, then north toward Galloway Forest, in search of a mountain biking trail we’d heard of at Kirroughtree.

After only a few hours driving and of course the enjoyment of Scotlands beautiful

The start of our forest walk, whilst above me was the end of the mountain biking trail.

scenery we found ourselves pulling up at Kirroughtree Forest Visitor Centre.  A quick tour around the centre familiarised us with what was on offer and we were excited.  There were various walks around the forest and what looked like a great mountain biking course, in fact it was one of the 7 Stanes courses, which in the mountain biking world are well sought after as they are award winning trails, eight to be precise, dotted around south Scotland and you don’t have to be an expert to ride them as they have varying skill levels within each trail.  Jon was happy, I was happy and the dogs were so excited as they were first on the list to enjoy a big long walk and explore in the forest.

We set off walking one of the harder trails of the forest and it didn’t take us long before we were walking in what seemed to be an enchanted magical mysterious forest, as everything was covered in moss.  It was so very still, quite eerie, and stunning in a strange kind of way.  It was a fantasy story waiting to be written, my mind was running wild with fairies and goblin’s. Continue reading “Exploring Kirroughtree Forest”

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Bloggers & Authors – Help me raise £250 for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home by leaving me links to your blogs and/or books.

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Why I Almost Gave Up Blogging

Why I Almost Gave Up Blogging

Blogging has its ups and downs.

Thank you to Hugh for asking me to be a guest on his blog ‘Hughs Views And News’ where I write about my own experiences on starting a blog.

I’ve closed off the comments here, but you could hop on over to Hugh’s blog to have a read, hope to see you there 😊

The link is…

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Are Coming Soon! You Can Nominate Your Favourite Blogger From Today 😀

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Are Coming Soon!  You Can Nominate Your Favourite Blogger From Today 😀


If you have a favourite blogger who you’d like to put forward for the awards, then

Go ahead – Nominations are Now Open!

You don’t have to be a blogger to nominate either, just follow the instructions in the link below, then in the form you’ll need to add your name and email and then give the details of the blogger(s) you’d like to nominate and the category’s you think they belong in 🙂 Continue reading “The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Are Coming Soon! You Can Nominate Your Favourite Blogger From Today 😀”

My First Bloggers Bash Experience

My First Bloggers Bash Experience

I bought the ticket a few months ago after knowing I’d become serious about Blogging.  I was a little apprehensive about it, but wanting to meet other bloggers, networking and eager to learn more was my reason for buying the ticket and it certainly didn’t disappoint, because the second I walked through the door to The George IV I was welcomed by familiar faces and made to feel at ease straight away.  The room soon filled up with faces I’d seen from the blogs I follow and the smiles and hugs said it all, I knew it  was going to be a lovely day. Continue reading “My First Bloggers Bash Experience”

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!   Thank you!

Two amazing things happened today…

Firstly –  I reached over 500 followers for my blog – Yippeee!!  I can’t thank you enough for pressing that Follow button, it means such a lot!

SecondlyIn this years Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2018I have been nominated in the category –  Best Newcomer!! Continue reading “Thank you! Thank you!”

I’m going to my first Bloggers Bash!

I’m going to my first Bloggers Bash!

I’ve made some great ‘blogging friends’ through my first year of blogging and after deciding to carry on blogging I also signed up for this years Bloggers Bash in London, (she says nervously)

Really excited and looking forward to meeting all these fabulous bloggers. Continue reading “I’m going to my first Bloggers Bash!”