I’m Sam, I live in England, I’m fifty something and never felt better.
Life’s been a roller coaster just like so many other peoples’ and because of some of my experiences I feel I have grown, having learnt so much along the way.
With a loving family and childhood behind me, a difficult time at school, a strange choice of higher education, one emigration to USA and back again, a surprisingly varied number of  jobs, three very different businesses under my belt, along with having two amazing children, post natal depression, a few close family bereavements, one great marriage and then a sad divorce, along with early menopause and the second, hopefully last, steady relationship of my life – I can safely say life’s been interesting.  But I’ve made it past 50, (which, when I was a kid I thought was ancient!) and I’m happy, busy, fit and active.

My children are now young men who are happy and getting on with their lives.  I’m a very  proud mum.  I am very lucky to have been in a loving and happy relationship for many years now with a fella called Jon, who never keeps still, always busy doing this and that which in turn keeps me very active.  Along with our dogs, Rosie (Border Collie) and Millie Puggly (Pug), we mainly love to walk, surf and cycle.  We have a camper van and enjoy time away in her, (we call her Polly).  Over many years, Jon’s been building a broad beam narrow canal boat which we’ve had many an adventure in already and one day hope to live in.  We have also, over the last few years, learnt to snowboard.  This was a total challenge for both of us, which has given us a few great holidays up various snowy mountains and we are now hooked.

We intend to live life to the full doing the things we enjoy; Mountain biking, Walking, Travelling, Snowboarding, Campervan travelling and Barging about on the boat, (soon to be our main home…I’ll be blogging about selling the house and moving onboard hopfully in the near future)…with many adventures to come, I’d like to Blog about it so hope you’d like to follow us 🙂