How redundancy can lead to your next dream

Like most people, we’d had future retirement plans in our minds for a long time, those plans always being a little out of reach due to those reasons, (or excuses) as to why we could never take the plunge, those old chestnuts being of course money, family or that never ending one…‘it’s not the right time’. That big future plan for us had always been to move down to Cornwall one day.

A lovely evening stroll along Praa Sands

We have always loved Cornwall, making sure we visited regularly and also we have Jon’s family connections there, but we have always had those ‘niggling’ excuses as to why we couldn’t do it… more recently Jon’s work, as he had a well paid job which was difficult to just give up; the cost of moving is never cheap; and the big one for me, leaving my family up north who mean the world to me.

Whilst hearing these words from Jon over the phone, “I’ve been offered voluntary redundancy” my eyes were wide and after that initial sharp intake of breath, I managed to say, “Wow!”

“Are you ok?” Jon asked,

Yes I think so, how do you feel about it?” I said

Not sure, we need to talk tonight.” he replied.

That night we did talk for a very long time which lead to us becoming quite excited. Our future plans had a chance of coming to fruition a little sooner than we’d thought, in fact there was a chance that our plans would actually happen, but the first thing we had to do was talk to our families. We needed to know they were happy with our plans, I especially needed to speak to my boys and mum. This was a big decision for us. The next day we did just that and were reassured straight away by everyone being incredibly supportive, in fact quite excited for us, which meant our dream move was in reach.

The last few months has been a big thing for us with a lot to take in, plan and make happen, hence why I’ve been very quiet recently both here on my blog and on social media, because our feet haven’t touched the ground. Our heads have been all over the place with months of logistical planning, finishing those boat maintenance jobs in order to sell it and of course, packing. You would not believe how much you fill a boat with three and a half years worth of stuff, not to mention all the things we have already stored in other places from our previous house.

Minnie enjoying a stroll around the boat

We have loved our life on our boat and I have so many more blog posts to write about life living on the water, but we had always said that we’d like to live aboard her for three to four years and that’s what we have done, (another dream fulfilled). It was never going to be our forever home, but more of an experience as was the building of her. Our boat, ‘Head in the Clouds’ has been more or less 20 years in the making, particularly for Jon who I am very proud of for creating such an amazing floating home. You can read about ‘Head in the Cloud’s’ beginnings Here.

So with the support of my family, at last it was actually the right time. We were to say goodbye to our beloved boat and move to Cornwall.

We began our move down to Cornwall mid September and still are up to our armpits in boxes, but we’re here, and I’ve managed to unpack my computer which has found it’s place in a little quiet corner, so please accept my apologies again, (I know I’ve done this before) for not being around for a while, for not reading other fabulous blog posts and for not having written anything for a long time.

I loved my eco stall and hope to find another in Cornwall

For now, as we take the time to settle in, as they say here, ‘Dreckly’‘, it’s also time for me particularly, to get myself into a good work pattern, get cracking with the backlog of writing I have in my head, thinking of ways to carry on my eco business, ‘Step into Eco’ down here in Cornwall, as I had to say goodbye to my weekly eco market stall up north, along with us starting our lives down here in this stunning county and doing some exploring.

Moving here has also opened up a whole load of new exciting plans we have to build on, soon to be revealed πŸ˜‰

Has anyone else had a redundancy which has lead to a total change of lifestyle?

I’d love to hear your story 😊

Cheers – Here’s to a new chapter.
Enjoying pizzas at our favourite Pizza place, Stables in Falmouth

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