Life Through A Porthole

One of the main things I love about living on a boat are the portholes, seeing the world through a round window focusses your vision, focusses your mind and thoughts.

You can read about the start of our boat life HERE and the making of ‘Head In The Clouds’, our beloved home on the water. It was around 18 years ago when we fell in love with a rusty shell which vaguely resembled a broad beamed canal boat and now, after such a lot of hard work, determination, resourcefulness and of course that thing called money, we can safely say our gorgeous boat looks and feels like a home, still not finished, but we love her.

Recently, Jon has been working on the portholes. The first ones we fitted were with single pane windows and a wooden inner liner, which have been ok over the years, but condensation has been a big problem, which in turn began to rot away at the wooden liners, so a porthole facelift was in order. There was just one last one which never got put in over the time we’ve had the boat, so this one in our bedroom we had to cut out and make from scratch, but all the others just needed revamping with new double glazed glass panels, new inside liners and inside wooden frames and a polished brass outer porthole ring. This would hopefully tackle the problem of condensation.

The steel was cut out and Jon made sure the new glass panel would fit.

I was in charge of the polishing of the outer rim.

Jon fitted the new inner rims, which he’d made out of fibreglass, along with aligning the screws, ready to hold everything in place. A foam gasket was used between the inner liner and the steel, fixed with sealant and all sealed with P. U. Adhesive.

The steel could then be painted, the window fitted in place and the outer brass porthole screwed into place. Jon had also stuck mirror film onto the glass. The inside was finished off with a wooden ring with mirror screws – don’t they look pretty?

We have six portholes in all on the boat and four larger windows toward the rear of the boat, (they are next to have a facelift).

I love these new portholes, apart from looking so much better than our previous ones, there is a lot less condensation and warmer in winter.

Seeing the world through a round window is wonderful, especially when your views change πŸ˜€

We’re starting on the larger windows now in the living room and kitchen along with trying to finish some of those jobs we’ve struggled to finish, so our lovely home on water is getting the facelift she deserves.

Any boat builders out there? Or anyone living on a boat with the same condensation problems? This transformation has really worked, we now have clear, dry portholes!

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Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna πŸ’•

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