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Once again, I am excited to introduce another guest to my series:

Amazing over 50’s

I am inviting and featuring ‘Mid-lifers’ who are enjoying life over 50 and who are happy to shout out about great health, fitness, lifestyles, work or their achievements etc, but more importantly who are embracing this time of their lives with pride and open arms.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is this months guest on the Amazing Over 50’s series.  Maryanne is an advocate for positivity and loving life and is certainly another ‘Amazing Mid-lifer’ who I am excited to have as a guest on this series.

Welcome to Loving the fifty something Maryanne, and to the Amazing over 50’s series.

Can I ask you to tell us a little about yourself?

Copy meI’m a 5x international author, public speaker, and award-winning journalist. I’m happily married. My husband, Dennis and I live in New Jersey with our two beloved cats, Nicholas Gray Hemmingway and Sammy Keane Clemens. 

My company is Pear Tree Enterprises. I began Pear Tree in 2008 to work for myself as a ghost writer, professional blogger, and book editor.

Great to meet you Maryanne, do you remember what turning 50 meant to you and how you feel now in relation?

I’ve always embraced aging. I had an unhappy childhood (divorced parents, bullying) and couldn’t wait to become a teenager. My life began when I turned 16 and started going to concerts. I could say that music saved me from depression and gave me the courage to fight back with the bullies. From then on, it was onward and upward.

I was thrilled to turn 50 because of what I put into it in my younger years. I’ve embraced a creative career; and my health. Even when I worked for other people, I never had boring jobs. I always worked in publishing or the music industry. As for health, I was a vegetarian long before it was in vogue. I was considered a weirdo back in the 1980s. But eating naturally, for the most part, and doing yoga since fourth grade paid off. At 56, I’m still a size 6—though now with a little belly—and I have minimal grays. I am not on any medication, unlike other family members, both younger and old.

 Is staying fit and healthy important to you?  If so, how do you stay fit and healthy?

Yes! Grandma always said, “If you have your health, you have everything.” Sadly, she didn’t practice what she preached, and she died at age 76 from diabetes complications. Watching her suffer scared me into staying healthy. I exercise every single day. I mix it up. I enjoy yoga, light weights, low-impact cardio, tai chi, and Pilates. Also bike riding, long walks, and swimming. 

While diet is important, it’s also important to stay stress free. Some people can eat all the kale they want and they’ll probably die young because they are miserable. I see this all the time in Whole Foods. People are in a hurry, they push, they shove, they can’t wait to get their gluten free whatever … meanwhile, their kids are cranky and causing havoc in the store. It’s not a happy way to live. 

Homemade Peanut Butter Coconut Bombs
Homemade peanut butter and coconut bombs

There’s also a saying, “It’s more important what comes out of your mouth, than what goes in it.” That said, I like to promote what I love, rather than complain about what I don’t like. Some think I live in La-La Land. Maybe I do, but I love it and it keeps me young. I’ll always look on the bright side or make the lemon-aid when I get lemons. (And avoid negative people!) 

That said, I like eating healthy because it makes me feel good. By avoiding sugar, I don’t get headaches. I like waking up in the morning and feeling happy about it. I eat clean 80 or 90 percent of the time—organic fruits and vegetables, salads, mostly vegan but sometimes fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes. Then, sometimes you just have to have pierogies! 

I have to admit, Maryanne, as I’d never heard of Pierogies before, I had to do a little research – they look yummy!   What are the things you are most proud of achieving after turning 50?

Having five books published! My first book was published the year I turned 50. I always was a late bloomer. Writing was my dream since I was a teenager and it was a long journey to get somewhere. It started as a hobby and became a career when I was 35. Once I started making a living as a journalist, I had no interest in writing a book. Being a journalist was instant satisfaction. You covered a story, had it published, got paid, and got praise! As a journalist I was on the guest list for hundreds of concerts, got free meals in restaurants, attended free theatre, and met so many amazing people. It wasn’t work to me. Writing a book was too much of a commitment. But once I started helping other people write books, a friend said, “You’re helping everyone else, why don’t you do this for yourself?” I gave it a shot, and within seven years, five books were on Amazon—with the last two in Barnes & Noble stores! Booksigning Oct 2019

I’m also proud of becoming a public speaker. That happened the same year, by chance. I was helping a musician friend get gigs at assisted living facilities in my spare time. One of the places I called said they needed someone to talk about health and fitness. Since it’s something I’m passionate about, and since I used to have my own health column, I said, “I can do it!” From that point on, I spent almost two years going to assistant living facilities to speak, then I went on to libraries. Now, next month, I’ll be giving online classes for a university! Topics will include: love, self-help, and anti-bullying. 

Are there any messages or advice you’d like to give to people who are about to turn 50?

Embrace it! It broke my heart the other day … one of my friends has a Face Book community where people share cool stuff. This girl said she didn’t like dancing any more because she felt “old.” Why should your life stop because you’re old? It’s not a big deal. Just have fun! 

A few years ago, I offered a library series called “Learn & Listen.” I’d give a talk on a famous entertainer, followed by live music. There was a woman who seemed to be a fan. She was always there when I gave these lectures. She was adorable, and in the summer, she’d be dancing to the music, wearing short-shorts—aka Daisy Dukes. She told me she was 80-years-old! I was blown away. I thought she was in her 60s at most. It was her spirit and sense of fun that made her seem so much younger. If people only realized this! 

DSCF3485Hell, when I’m out and about, I’ll be at a park and go on the slide or swings. I act young. I talk young. It annoys some people, but most people say that I’m “like a breath of fresh air.” I can’t help it. I am who I am! In my head I am still a teenager. And it pays off, because I’m truly happy and excited about life.  

We’re only on this planet, in our bodies, a very short time. Make the most of it. Enjoy yourself. Don’t worry what others think of you. Be you! It’s a cliché, but age really is just a number. 

I love your outlook on life Maryanne! Thank you for being another wonderful guest.  It’s great to meet mid-lifers who are so positive and, like yourself, just loves life! 

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