From Snowy Slopes to Lockdown Blues

I don’t need to tell anyone that it’s a really really weird time at the moment right?  For everyone, the whole world!  Bizarre! I for one am quite happy to have said goodbye to the month of March and, like many wonder when this will all be over.

In February we’d obviously heard and were talking about the virus, and how terrible it was in China, but with it being so far away, we here in the UK got on with our lives whilst keeping a close eye on the news.  Late February, myself and Jon set off on our booked holiday, snowboarding in Canada.

Glad to be back

We had a wonderful holiday, I wrote about ‘The long haul to Sun Peaks and a book dilemma’, as we set off, but I’ve yet to write about our actual experience there, (I guess it feels strange to write about wonderful holidays at the moment, so I’m leaving it for a while).  We were due to be travelling back to the UK early March and although we were in our own little world, on top of a beautiful mountain in a small ‘out of the way’ resortIMG_7381 having a fabulous time, we were, of course catching snippets of the news, all of which seemed to be about this horrible virus, which was creeping across various countries at quite a rapid rate.  As we were sat in the local ‘Apres Ski’ bar, with other skiers and snowboarders after a great day boarding, enjoying our beers and nibbles, there was one TV screen with the news and one TV screen with Canadian curling matches, quite exciting I must say.  Our heads were switching between the two screens, but on the news channel we were catching snippets of how many cases of Covid19 were in the larger cities of Canada.  The virus was moving quickly and it didn’t seem so far away anymore and by then it was also in the UK.

Going home – boarding our first flight from Kamloops to Calgary

We expected problems with our flights on our return, delays checking in at the airport and holdups as we landed in the UK for possible screening, but none of that happened.  We had a great flight and were actually quite concerned that we weren’t screened at Heathrow, as we would have welcomed being checked.  They obviously didn’t have any systems in place as yet.

After being home a few weeks it became apparent that COVID19 was now affecting the UK and obviously we are now, in a ‘lockdown situation’.  Although we feel lucky that we had our holiday, it felt good to get home safely.  A couple of weeks after we left Canada, Sun Peaks ski resort closed down due to the virus.


If I’ve seemed a little quiet in the blogging and social media world lately, it’s probably because all this has made me quite anxious and very concerned for friends and family knowing that this can hit anybody.  At one point, I was struggling a little, feeling isolated, upset that I couldn’t go see my son’s or my mum, (I’d hurt my knee too which didn’t help). I couldn’t seem to focus or concentrate on anything, I was just watching the news constantly which was getting me down.  It was after speaking to both my son’s on the phone one day, who were brilliant.  They both gave me a good talking to and offered me some very good advice.  They both left me smiling, feeling more positive and proud at how they’ve both grown into such fine young men, able to calm me, talk total sense and support me when I needed it.  They helped me boot that anxiety away.

Our wedding plans

Some of you will know, we had planned to get married this year.  With money spent, services booked and the planning well on its way, it was with reluctance, but certainly no surprise that we had to postpone.  A big disappointment obviously, but of course there are many people with much worse problems due to this virus and hopefully we will still be having our wedding next year.


We are now in the strange situation where we are asked to stay at home, only to go out for essential shopping, only to have one form of outdoor exercise per day, stay away from people from other households including members of family and no unnecessary journeys to be taken.  That’s our annual Easter jaunt to Cornwall visiting family thrown out of the window, but that little disappointment is small fry when people are dying, people are losing businesses, losing jobs, struggling for money, missing family and I for one would not want to be taking any chances in spreading this virus to anyone, let alone close family members, why would anyone take that chance?  This virus is bigger than anything else at the moment and we are learning new things about it every day, for instance how long it can last on certain objects etc so we have to do as we are asked in order to save lives and to not spread it.  I’m finding it difficult not seeing my family, but we have to stay home!  Those hugs will come later after this is over.

Step Into Eco 

Some of you may know that I had started a small business as a distributor, selling eco friendly, chemical free and cruelty free household and personal products.  This is an online IMG_5547business as well as me attending a weekly local market as a trader.  I love doing the market and am looking for more to do, but of course the markets are now closed for the time being, which has been a big disappointment as I was just gaining regular customers and getting somewhere with that little sideline income.  Oh well, fingers crossed we’ll be back to normal soon…hopefully!  Income is a concern as it is for many, although I do still have the online store – Here.  Jon at the moment is still working, but it’s looking like he may be furloughed soon.  I’d never heard of that word until recently, now it’s bantered around all over the place.

Keeping busy!

IMG_4548Exercise –  Personally, I have to keep busy or I would be crawling the walls, so I start each day with my usual exercise routine of YogaBurn which I love and also my own little weights session, (I have a wedding dress bought, which I have to stay exactly the same size for so it fits me in a year!)  It sets me up for the day and puts me in the right frame of mind as well as dancing about as I’m tidying and cleaning the boat.  There are 14 YogaBurn challenge options which concentrate on different exercise and health areas, such as Zoe’s Booty challenge, meditation, total body sculpting to name a few.  I have the Total Body Challenge which as it says, works the whole body with theIMG_6620 use of a workout band which comes with the DVD, (you also have the option of downloading the workouts).  I also have the Trim Core Challenge, which I have just started, (I’m into week 3 and have already seen amazing results).  With any of the workouts ordered, you have free access to Zoe’s Instagram and FaceBook pages where she does daily workouts and offers some great advice and tips.  Zoe is amazing and it works for me 🙂

IMG_7645Gardening 🌿 – For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved gardening and growing flowers.  I’m sowing seeds and keeping our boat mooring as pretty as I can.

Cooking – As we’re trying to eat mostly plant based foods, both myself and Jon are experimenting with different foods and spices, concocting some great meals.  We’re really enjoying and of course benefitting from eating nutritious and fresh food.  My body is thanking me for it!

Wedding prep – Although our wedding is now over a year away, we’ve still lots to make, plan and prepare. More to be revealed on this later 😉

Writing stories – As a wannabe author, I’m dabbling with writing stories.  I won the Bloggers Bash writing competition 2019, with this story called, If you only had five minutes what would you save?  I was utterly shocked and really quite proud at winning, and it has spurred me on to write more stories.

Ancestry – I’ve been interested in my families’ ancestry for many years now.  I love history and from the moment I joined and added the family names I knew to my initial tree, the branches started to form, seeing names appear and which, with a little detective work were either added as our ancestors or not.  It’s a fascinating pastime and one which opens doors to many living relatives from all over the world, which you never knew you had, it being totally up to you whether you get in touch or not. It’s interesting to see where in the world your ancestors travelled from and what professions they had.  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t picked it up for quite some time, but with a little more time on my hands maybe now is as good a time as ever to add more names and dates to my family tree.

If you fancy finding out about your ancestors, where you came from and having some fun with your detective skills, then click the links below. WarningCan be quite addictive 😉

🌳 Click if from UK  🌿 Click if from Australia 🍀 Click if from USA 🌱 Click if from Canada

Crocheting – I’ve had one blanket project on the go for so long now, which I’ve picked up every now and again, but with a little more time on my hands I have now finished it! Yeahy – My very first blanket 😀 I’ll be starting another crocheting project very soon as I’m hooked, (excuse the pun).

Finally, I heard an interview a few weeks ago on the Chris Evans, Virgin UK radio breakfast show.  Terry Waite was being interviewed and I had tears in my eyes whilst listening to him.  For those who remember his name, as I do, you will remember how he was taken hostage in Beirut, 1987 until 1991.  Almost 5 years he was kept prisoner with 4 of those years being held in isolation, mainly chained to a radiator in a small room.  For those who don’t remember his name, he’s worth looking up, reading about and learning from.  His book, ‘Taken on Trust’ was written by him, all in his head, whilst in isolation.  It certainly puts this ‘lockdown’ of ours into perspective for me.  Definitely worth a read.

Just one more thing…

I just wanted to give a massive shout out to our fabulous National Health Service and all who work within it, for their amazing work in caring for all affected by the Corona Virus here in the UK.  They are truly wonderful and are, more than ever, so appreciated right now and forever.  Also, to all the frontline workers who are carrying on working in various roles to keep our country going at this difficult time, you are all amazing – Thank you! 

Stay Home. Stay Safe

How are you all doing at this strange time?  

How are you dealing with this?

Working from home?

How are you keeping sane/busy?


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Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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