#SundayStills – Encounters Of The Bird Kind

Warning – There are a few photographs towards the end of this post which may be upsetting, although there is a happy ending…

Birds are fascinating to me.  There are large birds, tiny birds, they are resourceful, clever, delicate yet tough little beauties, they survive harsh weather and have to dodge so many predators.  They are beautiful.

Here is my contribution for this weeks #SundayStills photography challenge, ‘For the Birds‘ hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt.


We’ve had a few bird encounters over the years, here are a few…

As we live on a boat, we are lucky to say, swans and ducks are our neighbours.  Pure beauty and elegance.

This cheeky fella below, seemed to be talking to us while in a beer garden in Cornwall, “Hey, why aren’t you ordering lunch?”  

Our reply, “We’ve just stopped for a pint mate, no crumbs here, cheeky!”


At the base of a ski lift in Whistler, these cheeky Grey Jays are so friendly, they were landing on people’s heads and just seemed to be saying, “Hi there, any snacks?”  This moment was wonderful for me – and they weigh nothing!


Recently we were walking in Scotland and this little guy, one of my favourite birds, a Robin, seemed to be following us for a while, probably making sure we moved along swiftly from his patch.  He was quite happy to sit there posing for us to take photos, while chirping, “Move along, move along, nothing to see here!”


Another amazing moment was when we found an owlet on the ground in our local woods.  It was exciting, but also quite scary because we were concerned about doing the right thing.  You can read about it Here.  We learnt a thing or two that day.

I was so excited to see a Woodpecker feeding on Jon’s mum and dad’s bird feeder in their garden while we were there.  Aren’t they beautiful?


Warning – some people may find the following photographs upsetting.

I wondered whether to add these as it may be a little upsetting to see, but it’s something I feel quite strongly about.  I decided to show them as I believe it’s important for people to understand what a sad existence these caged birds have.

A good friend of mine, Karen rescues hens who have lived all their lives in cages.  She picks them up from the British Hen Welfare Trust.

I’m sorry if this may be upsetting to see, but I have included some photographs below of when the hens first arrived on my friends farm, they are quite shocking.

But…You will also see that I have included photographs of what they look like now – Happy Hens!

Below are photographs of the hens, a few days after they arrived at my friends farm.  It took them time to come outside from the barn, as they didn’t know what to do.  They huddled in a corner together for the first few days.  One by one they slowly started to come out into the sunshine and they even, cheekily wandered into the house.  They eventually found the fields and felt grass for the first time.

Below are photographs of the same hens after a few months of being free to roam.  Their feathers have grown back, they stand up straight and their red combs are looking beautiful.  They are now very happy hens, still cheeky though as they wander into the house, or sit on the stable door.  They have personalities and they follow Karen, their rescuer, everywhere!

A happy ending for these lucky hens!

Please think, before you buy eggs.  Please look for free range eggs.  Look for eggs laid by hens who are able to roam in fields.

Thank you to Terri for this weeks #SundayStills photography challenge.

Terri is a fabulous photographer and her blog is well worth a visit, better still, why not take part in the weekly ‘Sunday Stills’ challenge Here

I hope you have enjoyed my contribution, thank you for visiting!

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Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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