What Is A Brit Stopper?

“What is a Brit Stopper?” we asked, while chatting to a couple who had parked their camper van in the car park of a pub.  We were staying in a nearby campsite at the time and had visited the pub for a meal.  “You just buy the annual Brit Stop’s book and all the places you can park are listed, it’s great!” they said.

As soon as I could, I got on the Brit Stops website and ordered our book, £28 I believe it was, which is around what you’d pay for one nights stay at a campsite.  Don’t get me wrong, campsites are brilliant with the facilities they offer and security, but sometimes, especially while travelling in a camper van, all you need is a safe parking space, knowing you’re not going to get moved on.  That’s exactly what Brit Stops’ is all about.  They’re businesses such as pubs, restaurants, shops, farms, vineyards etc offering you the use of a parking space on their land for the evening.IMG_6389

Some Brit Stops offer facilities, such as being able to fill up with water or get rid of grey water, toilet waste or rubbish, but sometimes its just a welcome parking spot.  All very helpful and it’s manners to maybe have a few pints of their best beer, or tantalise your tastebuds with what they have on offer from their menus or take a peek in their shop.

With Polly the camper van packed up, the Brit Stops book in hand and route, more or less sorted, we were heading north toward Scotland!

Myself, Jon, Rosie, (our crazy collie) and Millie, (our even crazier pug) had been looking forward to heading up to Scotland for a while and the beginning of November was as good a time as ever.  Yes it was probably going to be wet and cold, but we had a cosy fire in the camper and a lot of waterproof clothing and wooly hats.   We were leaving the cats and boat knowing they were being looked after by our fab neighbours.

Our first Brit Stop – Caerlaverock

Our first stop was just what we needed.  We weren’t in great need of facilities as it was our first evening, so after realising we’d be needing somewhere to stop in the Dumfries area after our initial drive up to Scotland we looked in the book and found the perfect spot.  It was a car park with most of the facilities a camper van needs; a rubbish bin, water and even an area for toilet waste.  We arrived in the dark, so were unaware what the area looked like, there were already a few campers parked and it was so quiet, but we parked, had a gin and tonic, cooked some food, chilled out and slept.  The next morning we were quite surprised that we were in Caerlaverock nature reserve where we enjoyed a beautiful morning dog walk in stunning surroundings.   The perfect free parking spot!

The far reaching views are incredible, made more beautiful by the dramatic sky.

Sand, sea, mud and merse

Dramatic coastal scenery and a rich range of wildlife combine to make Caerlaverock an outstanding National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Mudflats and saltmarsh – or merse – provide a winter feast for birds such as barnacle geese, bar-tailed godwit and knot. Stand on the edge of this vast expanse and watch flocks of birds wheeling through the sky. Arrive early in summer to listen to the dawn chorus or, if you’ are very lucky, the distant chorus of natterjack toads.

Whether you want to enjoy birdwatching or a good walk with a stunning soundtrack of birdsong, you’ll find a warm welcome at Caerlaverock.



An ancient wood – full of wildlife and hidden beauty
Had a peek in this cosy wildlife hide


Thank goodness for this boardwalk over the wetlands!
Oh look, a stick!

Normally, visiting Scotland, we’d head straight up north, but this time we both agreed we’d like to ‘tootle’ around the west coast, taking our time around the Dumfries and Galloway area and drive up the coast road to see where it would lead us.  It didn’t disappoint – I Love Scotland!

Generally, you’re only supposed to stop in a Brit Stop for one night, so after our walk, we got back inIMG_5742 our home on wheels and set off, but this time we were on the look out for a mountain biking trail, which we’d heard about, as well as hopefully another ‘Brit Stop’.

Catch us next time as we head toward the gorgeous Galloway Forest!

 – where we’d find one of the most mystical forests I’ve ever seen!

 – for more stunning and mountainous views!  

 – and a brilliant mountain bike trail!


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Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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Millie our ‘Funny’ Puggly


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46 thoughts on “What Is A Brit Stopper?

    1. Was it?? Unfortunately we didn’t have chance to visit the castle, we couldn’t even see it from where we were 🙄

  1. Brit Stops is great for camper vans. Scotland is just wonderful, though as you can park for the night almost anywhere that you won’t cause a nuisance, even in a car.

    1. Yes Scotland is fabulous and is so much more relaxed about parking almost anywhere, unlike England 😊

    1. Thank you Janis, yes it’s a great idea. The giant bicycle wheel was fantastic, we cycled over it at the end too 😊 thanks for reading

    1. Thank you Suzanne, there’s something about the freedom isn’t there with travelling in a motor home 😊

    1. Thank you Wendy. Tripping about in a camper is different every day, it’s wonderful 😊 thank you for stopping by 😊

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics Sam. A campervan is on our to do list. A book devoted to camper van stops sounds great.
    Enjoy Scotland, I love the place 🙂

    1. Oh lovely, camper van trips are wonderful, the Brit stops are so helpful. Yes we love Scotland, the scenery is amazing 😊

  3. Never heard of Brit Stops but sounds like a real money saver and a way of staying in some different places that aren’t your normal camp sites. Interesting.

    1. It’s a great concept. Sometimes a safe parking space is all we need without facilities & if theirs a pub then that’s a bonus 😊

  4. I thought at first that Brit Stop was something to do with Brexit, Sam. So good to hear it wasn’t. Money saving tips always go down well. It looks like you’re in a beautiful part of the UK. Given that it’s not the school holidays, it must have been perfect in not having to queue for anything. I bet the dogs are enjoying the trip as much as you and Jon are.

    1. Haha I know better not to mention the ‘B’ word Hugh. It was absolutely beautiful in Scotland thank you Hugh, a few blog posts worth 😉 the dogs were in heaven I believe.

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