Planting Trees With Ecosia

Big News – Have You Heard?

You must have been hiding under a rock if you haven’t been aware of the devastating fires roaring across the Amazon rain forest.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why there are so many reasons why this is a terrible catastrophe, from the suffering and killing of the poor wildlife and ecosystems that live within the rain forest, the destruction of the homes of tribes living within the forest and of course the effects to the planet.  There’s a very good article where experts explain the effects of the wildfires, you can read it Here.  The article explains how fires within the Amazon are a normal occurrence, but this years’ is out of control and causing incredible destruction.


For those who know a little about me, you know that I have a strong love of trees, to me, not only are they majestic and beautiful, but of course they give us so much that is vital to our existence.  Described recently as, ‘the beating heart of our earth’ and ‘the lungs of our earth’.

When I heard about and saw the pictures of the wildfires in the Amazon rain forest I was so upset because I, like so many people felt helpless as it seemed to be out of our control, there was nothing we could do about it right?   Wrong!

We Can Do Something!

Plant Trees With Ecosia!  What Is Ecosia?

I came across Ecosia this week while listening to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin Radio UK.  Ecosia has been running for a few years now and is a search engine which you can download from your App Stores.  It’s totally free, I have been using it for a week now and it works just as well and as quickly as Safari and Google.  There seems to be no difference at all except that Ecosia is a none profit organisation.  Simply, the profits they receive from our searching, they use to plant trees! How wonderful is that? Simple!


I’ve replaced it as my go to search engine on my phone, where it tells you how many trees you’re planting as you search whilst there’s also a world wide counter going, (as I type this, the tree plant number is almost 66 million!).  I believe you personally need 45 searches to plant one tree.  I also have it installed on my laptop and main computer.  You may need to go into your ‘preferences’ to save it as your main search engine on your homepage.  These instructions were very helpful for my iMac, I’m sure there’ll be similar instructions for Windows etc.

I think this is wonderful, as we live in a world where we look to the internet every time we need some information, isn’t it fabulous that each one of us can help in a small way by planting trees through this brilliant organisation that is Ecosia and remember, it’s totally free.

Take a look for yourselves Here’s the Link to tell you all about it 🌿

I’m so excited that I can help plant a few trees around the world while using a search engine, as we all do every day!  I wanted to shout about it!


My birthday weekend news, I’m quite excited about…

It’s mine and my nephew-in-law’s birthday tomorrow, with Jon’s 50th just round the corner too, so we’re having my family round for a few drinks, food and general merriment – It’s Party Time!!  Yes folks, that means there’ll be around 13 people on the boat!  Hope we don’t sink!


Have a Fabulous Weekend 😀 

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