The Stranger With A Cage


The following short story is my own theory as to why a young stranger dressed as he was, carrying a strange item was walking in a wood.  We crossed paths in my local wood one morning early in July, you can read about it Here. I also invite you to write your own interpretation of this unusual young mans story.


Jaideep watched as his mother sat heavily in shame, head in hands as he gently broke the news to her.

“How are we going to deal with this?” She exclaimed, “you know they don’t have any more chances Jaideep, what are we going to do?”

Jaideep slowly sat down opposite his mother.  He was a smart, gentle young man who, under unfortunate circumstances had become the head of the family at an early age, but had taken on the responsibility extremely well.  His twin sisters, on the other hand were trouble, in fact they seemed intent on shaming their family at every opportunity.

“You know what I have to do Mother, I have to take them to Father.” Jaideep took a sip of his water, then continued.  “You will need to change their form in order for me to transport them.  When I have found Father, he will take care of them, you know he will.”

Mother looked at her son with an expression of both pure love and pride, “You are a good boy Jaideep, where have we gone wrong with the girls?  I ask myself this every day, because all they’ve ever known is love and support, yet they have the devil in them and now their time is up.  The Raj has been patient in the past, but you know how they warned if there was a next time, Jaideep.  There are no more chances.”

The young man laid a hand on his Mother’s, “I know Mother, we will hide them with Father.  There are four more travel pods which Father created.  He showed me what to do in case we needed to flee.”

Jaideep stood up, he had already dressed in his finery, as he needed to make sure he fitted in as a gentleman where he was going.  All he needed to do was pick up the girls after Mother had changed their form and head for Fathers secret workshop in the woods.  He’d been there before, Father had shown him the secret a few times.  He had taken him there to explain what to do, how to work the pod in sequence with the sunlight.  There was only one time in the day in which to make the trip and there was only an hour to go.

“You know we have to go soon Mother, we need to make haste.”

“Yes son,” Mother stood and with a heavy heart turned and walked towards her daughters room, where they had been locked. “I will make the changes necessary.”  She stopped and looked back, “Come pick them up in fifteen minutes, they will be ready.”

Before Jaideep was able to ask what form his sisters will be taking, his Mother had entered their room and locked the door behind her.  He stared at the door, knowing he would not be able to enter until the changing process had ended.  He went out onto the porch to take in some air, he didn’t want to be hearing his sisters pathetic pleas, although he knew they wouldn’t be hurt.  It was the beginning of July, the weather was warm and dry.  Jaideep breathed in the fresh air, listened to nature around him.  Their humble cottage, which he loved was situated many miles from any neighbours, in the middle of this stunning woodland.  The year was 1819 and he was about to travel forward to this exact same spot, 200 years into the future.  He had faith that his Father would have made it there safely, ten years earlier.  Jaideep closed his eyes and lifted his head as if to pray.  He was nervous.  All of a sudden the ground shook beneath him.  While holding the walls of his house, he looked back and saw a bright light coming from his sisters room.  It was time.

When Jaideep saw what it was he was to transport, he looked around the house.  There was a cage which used to house their pet bird until its unfortunate demise and although a little large, it would have to do.

With the girls in the cage, Jaideep hugged his Mother.  “Promise me you will all be safe and you Jaideep, will return,”  she said with tears in her eyes.  Her son responded, “I will do my best, Mother.”

As he was walking out of the door, he heard his Mother say one last thing, “Tell your Father I love him.”

Jaideep found the workshop fairly easily although it had been a while since he was last there.   He knew exactly what to do.

As Mother watched from the veranda over towards the dark part of the woods, she eventually saw a bright light flash above the tree line.  It was done, she now just had to wait and pray.

It only felt like moments.  A little light headed, Jaideep opened the pod and stepped out cautiously.  He donned his favourite hat, picked up the cage and checked on his sisters. They complained as usual, but we’re fine.

After hiding the pod as best he could, he started walking, thankful he was still walking in a wood, although noticing unfamiliar buildings nearby he thought the woodland itself had changed quite dramatically.  As he walked, there was a woman with one dog playing round the trees, there was another strange little dog following behind her, “Oh no, she’s heading towards us.”  he whispered to the girls, “Be Quiet!” She was dressed in dark blue trousers and a casual top and was carrying something very strange.  It was a brightly coloured bended stick with what seemed to be a round holder on the end of it.  It didn’t take him long to figure out that the contraption was to pick up the dogs ball, because the dog running around the trees, had dropped its ball toward her to throw. “Strange” he thought, “why can’t she just pick it up?”  There were some strange grunting noises coming from the little strange dog too.  Jaideep was trying to act as normal as possible, and was thinking that he definitely would not enter into conversation, but he didn’t have any choice because as they were walking towards each other he heard her speak, “You don’t come across this sight very often.” He looked at her, she was smiling, but had a very quizzical look on her face.

He had to say something, but rushed.  She was obviously wondering why he had two yellow birds in a cage while walking in the woods, I looked at her then my sisters, “I put them in here when I picked them up.”  Oh no, that was stupid. Stay calm and just keep walking, he thoughtwhile saying, “it’s a long story.”

Jaideep knew the lady was still watching him as he walked on and although he could hear what his sisters were saying, he knew the lady wouldn’t be able to understand them.  “Will you please be quiet,” Jaideep stopped and whispered to his sisters, “Now to find Father.”