#SundayStills – Scenes of Stillness

Scenes of #Stillness

When I think of the word – Stillness I’m taken back to many memories of where I have stood or sat in a place and realised there was no or very little noise, no movement, just enough silence for me to close my mind and to absorb what was around me, the breathtaking scenery, nature – the beauty that is our planet.

It’s important for your health and mind to take yourself to places of stillness as it’s a fabulous time to…

Stop ~ Appreciate ~ Breathe ~ Enjoy ~ Revive. 

A favourite beach with a loved one.

A stunning sunset reflecting on the wet sand.


Or walking through a woodland with nature for company.

Wind whistling through the trees.  Rustling in the undergrowth.  Beautiful bird sounds.

Take a moment out of your busy lives to –

Listen ~ Feel ~ Breathe



Lakeside scenes.  Calmness.  Time to appreciate…

Colour ~ Light ~ Movement


To feel on top of the world.  Absorb the beauty and…

Breathe ❤️


Appreciate 🌿


This is my entry for this weeks Sunday Still Photography Challenge, the theme being Stillness

Where are your favourite places of Stillness?  Where do you find your inner calm?  Let me know 😊❤️