5 Ways To Have A Re-fresh


Have you ever felt life was just ticking along.  All’s ok, but wouldn’t it be nice to do a few things a little differently, just take a little risk now and again, be a little impulsive to spark some excitement or jolt a little enthusiasm through your body?  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Trying new things is great for the mind, it gives your brain a re-boot, takes you away from doing the same things day in day out and you never know, you may just add something else to your life that you love or find something new that you’re good at.  Being adventurous is good for the soul.

Be impulsive!

Being impulsive is exciting. Yes it’s nice to plan and have things to look forward to, but85BE07E2-88C0-4BC3-A78B-AF237F1F967A personally, I never like to plan too far in advance.  Circumstances can change, there’s the great British weather to put a spanner in the works or maybe family commitments which crop up last minute that you wouldn’t want to miss, so just waking up one morning, looking out at the fab weather, it’s a long bank holiday weekend and you’ve nothing planned…“Shall we just nip down to Cornwall for the weekend?” We both raise our eyebrows with a smile, “Oh go on, let’s just go!”  Well what’s 350 miles, hey?

That’s what happened with us a few weeks ago and what a great weekend we had, with Jon’s family down on the Cornish coast.  I love being impulsive, it breaks monotony, enlivens moods, makes you smile. As Nike say…“Just Do It!” 

Have a go at something new

I’ve been meaning to try Paddle boarding for such a long time.  I’ve had quite a few guests on myAmazing over 50’s’ series who have talked enthusiastically about stand up paddle boarding and wondered whether to hire or buy, but somehow both myself and Jon knew it’d be something we’d enjoy very much, once we had a go so Jon took it upon himself to do quite a bit of research about them and focussed on buying one.

As we suspected, we love it, especially me.  I love the feeling of being at one with the water.  It’s quiet, tranquil, calm and you’re there amongst nature whilst having a decent ‘core and arm‘ workout.  We tried it out first on a very calm lake, not intending for Millie Puggly to come along, she and Rose stayed on the waters edge with Jon, or so I thought, but she literally started swimming out to me as I paddled away.  She’s surprisingly a very good swimmer!  I had to grab her and pull her on the board.  She absolutely loved it, she was calm and very happy to just sit there and enjoy the ride.



While in Cornwall I braved my second go paddling on the Helford estuary, which was a little more bumpy.  Jon was in his canoe and we paddled around enjoying the tranquility and nature for over an hour.  It was difficult heading back though because the wind had picked up and was against.  In the end I had to succumb to defeat and Jon towed me back as I found my arms weren’t getting me anywhere.  I was out of my comfort zone and I know I would’ve struggled if Jon hadn’t been there, although I probably wouldn’t have gone that far out – Lesson learnt – Loved every minute!

I got a little carried away – I’m off into the distance!



Do you sometimes feel that the things you’re working on, needs a little refresh?  It may just be a little tweak here and there.

After reading a post by Hugh over at Hugh’s Views and News about refreshing themes on blogs, I realised I hadn’t changed the look of my own blog since I first started it and maybe it was time for a change.  After much deliberation and many button clicks later, I decided on a new theme named ‘Olsen’, gave it a few tweaks here and there then tentatively pressed to update and refresh.  I’m so happy with how ‘fresher’ it seems to look, Thank you Hugh!!

I hope you as readers like it, would love to hear your thoughts!

My next step is possibly to change to the new Gutenberg block editor for WordPress, because both Hugh and Simon from Planet Simon, have recommended it.  I did actually try the new editor this morning, but my screen went blank with no sign of it doing anything, so I quickly reverted back to the original editor.  I’ll have another go when I’ve done a little more research and have more time.

Be open to change

My rather used and well read copy with post-it notes!

I’ve been reading ‘The Blood Sugar Solution, 10-day Detox’ by Dr Mark Hyman.  It’s such an interesting read and although we’ve not done the actual 10 day detox yet and I’m not sure if we will, it’s made both myself and Jon, change the way we eat and I have to say we both feel a lot healthier, in fact it’s proved to be a major improvement to Jon’s health, (I’ll come back to that).

The book explains how doing a 10 day detox from certain things will activate your natural ability to burn fat, reduce inflammation, reprogram your metabolism, shut off your fat storing genes, de-bug your digestive system along with other things, such as green living, meal plans, exercise etc, It isn’t suggesting cutting sugar out altogether though because our bodies need certain sugars, ‘good sugars’ along with ‘good carbohydrates‘, to break down into glucose. We need glucose for energy, brain and normal bodily functions.  It’s important to know which sugars and carbohydrates to include in your daily diet.  The book makes sense to me, it’s informative, gives great advice, we’ve both learnt quite a lot about foods and it can help you lose weight if you really want or need to.  Personally it’s just given myself and Jon the kick we needed in order to eat more healthily.  We eat a lot less of the foods Dr Hyman suggests eliminating during the detox.

I mentioned earlier that it’s made a bigger difference to Jon, I’ll explain why –  Jon suffers with acid reflux and is on pills for the rest of his life.  One of his symptoms is a constant cough apart from the uncomfortable reflux.  One of the things you’re expected to eliminate during the 10 day detox is dairy.   We realised that Jon had a lot of dairy in his diet.  We both made a conscious effort to take dairy out of our diets, I now drink green tea and even after a week, someone made me a normal tea with milk and I couldn’t drink it, all I tasted was fat.  Jon also gave up milk and yogurts, within a week I noticed he was hardly coughing.  We’d cut down on many things, but when Jon drank milk in his tea again he immediately started coughing.  We’d found something he had an allergy towards which was a great help.  It’s not a cure, but it’s a great help.  We’ve also both lost weight, Jon having lost the most and needing a new belt!

Just thought I’d add – My night reading is a little more exciting, Lindisfarne by Terry Tyler.  The 2nd of the Project Renova series. I’m nearing the end and totally engrossed! I’ll be diving straight into the 3rd of the series, UK2!

A new venture!

Why not try something totally new?  Something to focus your energy?

DD8CF496-1C53-4FCA-ABB9-81CE5EDC1C2CI’m a nature lover and have, like most people been horrified by all the horrendous images of destruction we as humans have caused to our planet.  Since living on the boat I have become a lot more aware, particularly because all our ‘grey’ water, (dish washing and laundry water) goes straight into the canal.  Whilst in the process of trying to go eco-friendly myself with washing-up liquid and laundry products etc I realised it wasn’t easy to find things because, a) I had to know exactly what I was looking for and I wasn’t totally sure what was out there and b) I had to scrutinise everything to see if they were truly eco-friendly and also (close to my heart) cruelty free.  

I came across Wikaniko, (We-Can-Eco) a UK based online website and found myself realising that here was a place where I could find everything all in one place and none of the products would be on the website unless they were eco-friendly and cruelty free. Brilliant! I was amazed at the products available. I also noticed that you could become a distributor.  I did some research and eventually clicked the big Join Here button.  So far so good! I have already sampled some of their products and been very impressed, the prices are great, in fact I’m definitely saving money on some products, such as the gorgeous Planted skincare which I’ve changed to and hooked on.

I’m hoping to spread the word about there being some great eco-friendly products, which could help people live greener.  I’m personally converting slowly, waiting for things we already have to naturally run out, then going Eco where I can, for instance, cleaning products, bin liners, skincare, sun creams, shampoos etc. There are just so many things now which are better for our environment and I feel good about it, I feel it’s the right thing to do and it’s not expensive.

I now have my own website called Sam’s Eco Store, which I have added as a new page at the top of my blog and have also set up a Facebook page.  I’ve already had so much support for this new venture from friends and family and I’m quite excited to yet again be trying something new   

I hope you’ll wish me luck, spread the word and even have a peek Here 😉 

Have you had any ‘re-fresh’ changes in your life recently?

Here’s to a happy, refreshing, healthy and eco-friendly June to you all 😀


Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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