Friday’s Feel Good Therapy


Want some Free Feel Good Therapy? Then get your trainers on and get to your nearest wood or forest, because it’s there waiting for you and I guarantee you’ll be feeling great the minute you start walking amongst nature.

Anyone who follows my blog may know that I absolutely love nature and walking, so it’s a no brainer for me when it’s time to walk the dogs that I usually find myself heading for the local woods to get some of that FREE Feel Good Therapy.


At the moment, my knees and myself have fallen out again so I’m having to give jogging a little break until they stop being so damn stubborn, or is that me?  These silly knees of mine don’t stop me from enjoying a fast 5k walk and some ‘good old meandering’ around my happy place.

Thankfully I don’t get any phone reception while I’m wandering amongst these beautiful giant trees so the only time I get my phone out is to take a photo.

It’s spring here in the UK and it’s beautiful.  Nature is waking up after the winter and I battle with myself, is this my favourite season?  I can never decide because there’s something to love about all seasons.  I walk through this wood during spring, summer, autumn and winter seeing and hearing very different things.  Today, the sun’s shining, glistening through the trees, there’s a slight wind making the tree tops sway, it’s quite cold, but I like it because it’s crisp and fresh.

Walking through the woods, if you listen carefully, you can hear so many different sounds…

The chatter of so many varieties of birds.  I hear the hoot of a distant owl, even in the daytime! Sometimes if you’re involved in your own thoughts or in conversation with someone else then you may not hear them, they’re just background noise, but if you look up and for a few moments concentrate, it’s quite deafening especially this time of year, mating season.

The scratching sound of a squirrel running up a tree beside you as you walk and if yourIMG_7694 eyes can follow the direction of the sound, it takes you to a little head bobbing around from behind the tree, then as we spy each other he or she takes off as quick as a flash up running along the branches, jumping amazing distances from tree to tree.  Not a great photo I’m afraid, they’re so quick!

The rustling at ground level, just off the path by your feet in the tall grass and shrubs, the sudden movement of the foliage maybe it’s a little mouse or a rabbit?

IMG_0200Remembering when we found a baby Owlet on the ground next to a tree, now that was a wonderful experience I wrote a post about it Here.

Your eyes catch a sudden spark of colour darting across your path, a couple of butterflies dancing, that’s got to make you smile.  You try to follow their direction, you can for a while, but then they’re off.

The thought that there are many deer in this wood, I’ve seen glimpses in the past, but not today.  It amazes me how such a large animal can stay so camouflaged.  I know they’re there.

Noticing the differences of the trees from my previous walks here.  Buds are beginning to burst open on the branches, the bare and sticklike formations are now waking up, stretching their limbs and will very soon be full of leaves.  I’m not an expert on trees, but can recognise some of the more common ones by name.  I wrote a post a while back called, ‘A World Without Trees?’ I’d done a little research and found out some fabulous facts about these gorgeous giant perennial plants.  We really couldn’t live without them.


As I walk, my eyes everywhere, catching as much as I can, the dogs loving every minute as I do.  Rosie in particular is in her element bouncing along the paths always with a stick in her mouth and jumping into as many of the cool streams as she can with such a happy face.  You can’t help but feel alive, feel happy, content with life.

If you have woods near you, but find that you don’t particularly go there very often, give it a try, you’ll probably love it.  Important piece of advice… Leave your phone in your pocket or even better at home, this means you’ll enjoy the sounds, the rustles, look up and watch the trees sway in the sunlight and the sheer beauty that is nature, breathe in and fill your lungs with fresh air.  If it’s a well maintained woodland there’ll be notices, read them because they’ll most likely give you information about what birds, insects and animals live in that area, maybe they’ll tell you about the history of the place and what to look out for so you can imagine how the generations before us lived.


No matter what my mood when I arrive at any woodland or any such place of natural beauty, I always leave content, smiling and calm because that’s what nature does, you can’t walk through a wood or forest, enjoy views across a lake without feeling happy and alive.

I usually end up carrying a few bits of litter to the bin in the carpark.  This balloon was wrapped around the base of a tree, looked like it’d been there a long time, but was stumping the growth of a little plant and it may have hurt some little animal.  My good deed for the day.


This is Greno Wood, classed as an ancient woodland.  One of my many happy places 😊

Do you walk around your local wood?  Where is it?  What do you see there?  What nature do you see?

Happy Friday Folks!!  

Hope you had a great day and enjoy your weekend 😍

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Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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