If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?


Here is my entry for The Bloggers Bash Blog Competition 2019′.  The theme this year is ‘Five’ and only 375 words can be used.

If You Only Had Five Minutes, What Would You Save?

– By Samantha Smith

“Five minutes. Save five things.”  Talking calmly, he left me on the floor beaten and crying.  “Five minutes isn’t long enough!” I pleaded.  He walked outside, I sensed he was smiling, “Tick tock” he taunted, looking at his watch.  “This house is special to me, you’re going to burn it down?” I jumped up panicking, hands on my head, scrunching my hair in my fists, spinning round on the spot.  Only five things, I had to act fast.  I began running from room to room, not thinking straight as he watched from outside.  “Five things, five minutes,” I kept repeating to myself, “why?” I didn’t understand, but I did know he was serious. 

Fifty years of memories, I wanted to save so many things.  “Charlie!” He was following me barking, he knew something was wrong, “I’m not going to leave you am I?” I cried as I ran up the stairs to my bedroom, “Teddy!” I knew Ted was a good second choice.  A scraggy teddy as old as me, I held him close. “What else?” I shouted, Charlie barked.  “Photographs!” I quickly ran downstairs, favourites were on walls, but each one an item, “My album has them all in!” I raced to the bookshelf and grabbed it, “That’s three things.” 

I had two safely tucked under my arm, Charlie was my third.  “Tick tock” he was outside the open front door, smirking.  I hurried again upstairs, grabbed mums silver locket from my bedside table, “That’s four” I whispered, now breathless. “Think! One more thing!” I raced downstairs and caught sight of that monster.  He was serious, he’d burn everything after the time was up.  I hated him!  Rage welled up inside my body, I ran to the kitchen knowing what my fifth item was.  

Outside my house I stood before him, hating his sickening smile. “Only just made it” he said, looking at his watch then at me curious of what I’d saved.  I placed them down carefully alongside Charlie except for the fifth hidden item. “Only four special things?” He teased, when suddenly he felt my fifth as I thrust it into his chest.  “Oh no” I said calmly, whilst watching his stunned expression, “this knife is very special.”

He wasn’t smiling anymore. 


I hope you enjoyed my story.  

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