#WordlessWednesday – A Walk In The Park

Sometimes all you need,

to induce a smile


to instil calm


to help you breathe


maybe laugh


to feel the wind 


recognise beauty 


and the unusual


is a Walk in the Park


Thank you for joining me 😎

Do you have a local park you enjoy visiting?


Me with Crazy Rose (left) and our beautiful, (late, but always remembered) Jenna 💕

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Millie our ‘Funny’ Puggly


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Have a great day! 😍














23 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday – A Walk In The Park

  1. You can’t beat a simple relaxing wonderful walk in the park can you? Especially if you have someone to share it with. Nice photos.

    1. Thank you Donna, love to watch the seasons change too. All these trees will look so different in a few months.

  2. I love that post Sam 🤗to see beauty and to laugh at everyday things is the way I live my life, I ‘wish’ others would too, but you ‘inspire’ others too, through your posts and photos – keep up the good work 💞

  3. Loved the spitty dog ball in the first pic – brought back memories of our dog and his love of chasing spit covered tennis balls. And I’m really curious about that tyre in the sky!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    1. Thank you Leanne. The tyre was part of a child’s slide, but the tyre looked quite strange suspended in the air 😊

  4. Hi Sam

    Loved this. A walk,even around the neighborhood helps center us. The first photo is my favorite. How is puppies foot? It looks like it may have been painful.


    1. She’s been to the vet this morning & stitches out, alls well 😊👏 no more trying to keep it dry 🙄 😀 thanks for asking xx

  5. Hi Sam I love walking in the park and running by the river. We are blessed to live nearby to both. I find that walking in nature is so calming and clears the mind. Thank you for sharing at #MLSTL and I might just put my shoes on and go for a quick walk in the park across from where we live . 🙂

    1. Thank you Sue, yes having our canals, rivers, parks & woodlands are my haven, I just love being around nature and even in busy parks in the middle of towns, nature & it’s beauty is there to calm. 😊 I’ve found some great blogs on #MLSTL

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