No Excuses – Lets Just Do It!


I learnt how to snowboard in my early forties.  One of the main reasons for me was because both my sons were learning to snowboard at that time and they were naturals, making it look so easy.  They took to it like a duck to water and as I watched them from the viewing area of the indoor ski centre, strap on their boards and slide down the slope with grace, ease and without fear I wanted to be out there with them, it was something we could do together.  Oh the holidays we could have, I was quite excited at the thought.  I remember approaching Jon with the idea knowing he wouldn’t hesitate because he’d be up for the challenge and Oh yeahit was a major challenge for me and alsoIMG_6088 one of the best things I have personally ever done, because it opened up new adventures in some of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  As we started this adventure together, myself and Jon supported each other whilst we struggled with our falling leaf manoeuvres, our toe and heel edges and the new aches and pains we had never before experienced.  We weren’t the natural boarders I’d seen my boys display but we were both quite determined to be able to do this crazy thing so we could travel to new snowy destinations to enjoy the mountains in all their glory.

As we paid our hard earned cash for these torturous lessons, our bodies were stiff rather than fluid, we had the ‘look at me I’m a new snowboarder’ typical stance for quite a while, which rather resembles someone crouching uncomfortably, ass unnaturally stuck out along with arms, hands and fingers stiffly outstretched and not forgetting the face of fear as we slid uncontrollably down what we thought was the steepest slope EVER, but when I think back to that nursery slope now, I laugh because it wasn’t steep at all!  That was approximately 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, we’ve only been off once with my boys snowboarding, which was very early on in our learning days so most of that week in Courchevel, the boys were off racing all over the mountains and we spent most of that week scrabbling around on the lower parts of the mountains bruising our coccyx.  Since then myself and Jon have determinedly travelled once a year, sometimes twice to quite a few stunning winter wonderlands mostly within France and Austria, but in 2017, myself and Jon flew to what was to be a once in a lifetime, ‘special‘ trip to Whistler, Canada and we immediately fell in love with this beautiful country with it’s awesome mountain range and it’s amazing ‘powdery’ snow. IMG_6094 I wrote one of my first blog posts about it, which you can read Here.  I remember being quite sad to be leaving Whistler, because we didn’t think we’d ever be able to return, but the following year, my youngest son found himself flying out to Fernie, Canada doing a season out there for three months learning how to be a snowboarding instructor, (CASI 1 & 2).  So when it came to myself and Jon wondering where it was we were going to spend that winter boarding, it didn’t take us long to decide that, well of course we’d have to go out to visit my son.  We had to!

That was last years snowboarding jaunt and it was fabulous to finally holiday in one of the best snowboarding destinations in the world with one of my boys and it was, I think, quite a surprise for my son to see that we are actually not embarrassing any more, we can snowboard and we do have that proper, ‘I’m a snowboarder’ stance.  It was also quite cool because we could even keep up with him, (mostly) and I don’t think we embarrassed him, (much).  I love to watch my son board, although myself and Jon call ourselves intermediate, my son is on a different level altogether – ‘Proud Mum Alert’.  He gave us loads of great tips too.  You can read about last years fun and having A good excuse to go back to Canada here.

Loved snowboarding with my son

We thought that would be it for Canada.  It would most definitely be somewhere in Europe next time, right?  Well, that next time has come and while we were looking at various places, all fabulous places in Europe, we found ourselves looking at each other knowing where we really wanted to go.  You see, for a snowboarder, deep powder conditions is amazing and when you’ve experienced the best, well… although we’ve had fabulous holidays in France and Austria, we’d never experienced snow like it such as we had in both Whistler and Fernie, but also the snowy playgrounds are vast, the slopes are wide and they’re so quiet, barely having to wait long for ski lifts, especially in Fernie.  We’d find ourselves gliding down some of these beautiful scenic runs on our own then on reaching the bottom, we’d look back and there’d be no one – Gorgeous!

Yes, you guessed it, we were talking ourselves into going again! Well, come on… you only live once right??

The main dilemma was where.

Whistler was awesome, although a little busy in parts and Fernie was just amazing and not busy at all.  Or do we try somewhere totally new in Canada?  Do we go back to where we know is brilliant, where we know there is so much more to experience, more areas in those stunning mountains we hadn’t explored?  We then looked at Banff, we looked at Kicking Horse, but we eventually decided on going back to Fernie because it just ticks so many boxes for us.  Mistake? I don’t know.  Is it wrong to go back to the same place?  I don’t know.  We have done that before with Mayerhofen and Zell am See in Austria, both those places we returned to a second time and it wasn’t disappointing.  We had a blast.


We’re going back to Fernie!  Yes it’s blooming expensive for us, yes it’s extravagant, yes we should be going somewhere nearer, somewhere cheaper, or should we?  Hell, we do only live once, we’re all for enjoying life and while our bodies allow us to be throwing ourselves down mountains whilst strapped to a board then we may as well enjoy it in a place that we have both fallen in love with.


After inviting both our sons to come with us they had to unfortunately decline because of work commitments, my youngest especially is gutted he can’t join us.   We’ve booked to go at the beginning of February, we’re excited, we’ve dug our boards out and begun packing, our fab neighbours are looking after our dogs, cats and boat, which is amazing and we can’t thank them enough!

We love Canada and this time next week we’ll be there!

Doing happy dance as we count down the days!

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Anyone else having a winter holiday this year?  Anyone else going to the same place as previously visited? Or is that a definite NO NO for you?

Anyone else doing the happy dance because you’ve just booked your Jolly Bob’s?

Let me know where you’re going 😀

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