#WordlessWednesday – Which Way Does The Wind Blow?


I thought the formations of these trees on my dog walk yesterday were amazing, and although it was such a still day, you can guess which way the wind normally blows, can’t you?


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10 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday – Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

  1. Wonderful. We have very stunted hawthorn trees on Hampsfell near us. It looks out over Morecambe and all the branches (and even) the trunks lean in one direction just like that.

    1. Thanks Sue, I’m not a great photographer, but do enjoy sharing photos 😊 I love Deb’s photos too 👏

  2. Sam, I love it when you share every day photos as it brings back fond memories of our years in the UK. Apart from the fact it’s good to see how your exercise is going with your companions 😊 I’m getting my bike put for a spin today, not so windy or hot!!

    1. Aww thank you Suzanne what a lovely thing to say. I’m looking forward to seeing you again when you’re next over this way 😊 I hope you enjoyed your biking x

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