Here’s To Another Year In The Blogging World

A Happy New Year All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the Christmas and New Year period, whether that be a quiet time or big celebrations. IMG_0006

Personally, Christmas is all about family time for us and I love it!  It’s a time when we all come together, from our various places where we live and work, meet up in the same house to relax, slob out, talk, laugh, open prezzy’s, eat, drink and generally have a lovely few days.  For myself and Jon, we do it all twice, first with my family in Yorkshire and then on Boxing Day evening we travel down south to Cornwall spending a week with Jon’s family, bringing in the New Year.  Fun, games, indulgence and plenty of laughter were certainly had, twice in our case, with a few bike rides thrown in to blow the cobwebs away in-between.

We’re now back on our cosy home on the water, taken down the decorations, freshened the place up with a good clean and I’m already looking forward to what 2019 brings.


It was January 2017 when I very tentatively pressed publish on my first ever blog post.

I remember being so worried about it, even looking for how I could delete it, but I let it go.  It winged it’s way out there into the unknown, out into cyber space to be laughed at or ignored, I wasn’t a writer! What was I thinking?! But then I remember getting a Like! Then a Comment! It meant the world and from that point I was hooked!  A blogger?...Yeah ok…I’d give it a good go and see what happens.

So what did happened? I wrote more posts and found that I enjoy writing.  I connected with some great people out there from all over the world.  Most were bloggers who already had really great, well established blogs and some who were newbies like me.  I learnt so much from these fabulous bloggers in the early days and continue to do so now, their support and friendly comments were and continue to be appreciated.   Some followers, I know are friends and family who continue to support me plus, I have also gained some wonderful followers who didn’t know me at all, but may have just come across my ramblings out there in cyber space, but who actually just liked to read my stuff, how cool is that?? And you know what?  It wasn’t scary at all, In fact I’ve loved the challenge and will continue to work my way through the blogging obstacles and conundrums, which throw themselves at me at regular intervals.  I’ll even continue to smile at the screwed up, confused looking faces which appear when I say I’m a blogger 🙃

One of the best pieces of advice I gained from the collective blogging guru’s out there was ‘Network, Network, Network’.  I believe that’s still the best advice, whether you’re new or not, because you gain so much knowledge from other bloggers.  I’ve ‘virtually‘ met many bloggers/followers from all over the world, who I can actually call friends, and some I’ve even had the pleasure to meet in person.  I attended my first Annual Bloggers Bash event in London last year and got so much from the day, I was even nominated by other bloggers as Best Newcomer, although it was realised that I’d actually been blogging too long to actually be classed as a Newcomer at that time, so I couldn’t be entered in the end, but on the plus side, I did enter their writing competition and won second place! ME! I was so ‘gob-smackingly’ pleased 🙂 (Here’s the story I wrote, if you fancy a quick read).  I’ve booked again for this years Bash and really looking forward to it.

I also met a few fellow bloggers for lunch and a chin wag in North Yorkshire last year, which was great fun.

That’s me on the left, Suzanne, (top) from, Em, (bottom) from and on the right Hayley from

I also made the decision to use the services of Suzie last summer, from SuzieSpeaks.  She was fantastic in developing my social media networks and creating me a Pinterest account which actually gained followers.  The ongoing challenge for me is to keep up with what Suzie taught me.  She certainly gave my social networks a good boost at the time so I do recommend her social media services, she helped me out a lot.

One of the best things I did, last year, was to start a monthly series on my blog, called The Amazing Over 50’s’, where I invite mid lifers to talk about some of the things they are most proud of achieving since turning 50.   I didn’t realise how inspired I would personally be by all these fabulous over 50’s I’ve interviewed, but it’s made me want to step up my own game!  I have many more guests ready to inspire us all, coming up in 2019.

Now, as I start my third year in the blogging world, I am so proud and super excited to have gained, collectively with my Facebook and Twitter accounts, over 1000 Fabulous Followers!!  Thank You So Much!!  I’m chuffed to bits!! And I can also add to that, the followers I have gained on the Loving The Fifty Something, Pinterest and Instagram accounts too.

My personal goals for this new year?

– To step up my fitness regime with more regular Yoga sessions, biking, fast pace walking with even the odd jog here and there, depending on whether my knees let me.

– I’ve registered with @REDJanuaryUK this month where you have to do at least one form of fitness every day in January, (I post about this on my Facebook account daily). 

– I’m also thinking about entering a few events over this coming year, one being the Muddy Dog Challenge, I haven’t told Rosie yet, but I’m sure she won’t mind.

Rosie you’re doing the MuddyDog Challenge this year!

– Myself and Jon are looking forward to a snowboarding trip in February to Canada again – Yipeeee!

– More cruises off in our canal boat from spring and we are determined to get away in our camper van, Polly for a few weekend jaunts too.

– I’d love to write more, even enter a few story writing competitions.  I need that writing Mo-Jo!

My blogging goals for this new year?

– To write more!!  I’ve realised I need to be more consistent with my blogging, so hopefully you’ll see more regular posts published.

– I’ll certainly be carrying on with my ‘Amazing over 50’s’ guest posts, because there are some truly inspirational mid-lifers out there who I’d love to shout out about.

– Monetising my blog is something I’ve been ‘dipping my toe into’ over the last year.  I’ll be continuing to venture more into this world so if anyone has any advice I’d be most grateful 🙂

– Generally continuing to have fun with my blog and enjoying where it takes us

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you amazing people who have clicked that Follow button at the top of my blog page, or who has liked my Facebook page or has followed my other social media accounts, but especially to those who not only follow, but who like and comment too, I can’t explain how supportive that interaction is.

Happy New Year to you all – Let’s make this year the best ever!

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