Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

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Where have I been?!

I’ve only just come across Etsy and I love it! Why? Because it’s the ‘go to place’ for anything handmade, vintage, custom and unique.  Yes all those ‘different’ gifts you’re searching for!

Oh my word, I love it!

Also, if you’re one of those really clever people who makes amazing things at home, then it may be worth taking a look at Etsy, because you can sell your creations on this website to an audience who are only there because they love handmade, unique stuff.

Or…like me, if you’re shopping for something a little different, that you can’t quite find in the shopping malls, then you may just find what you’re looking for on Etsy.

There are handmade and unique jewellery, clothing, toys, furniture, dog toys, cat toys, decorations and much much more including my favourite section…the crafty pages.

Thought I’d show you all a few of the things I have my eye on…

Knit Your Own Forest Friend Kit

These are so cute and ideal for any budding creative adults or children out there who love to make things.  This obviously is a cute deer, but they also have a dragon, unicorn, fox, hare, panda, badger, bison, T-Rex and a Triceratops! Think I’d be tempted to put a red nose on this fella though 😉


Unique Handcrafted Raw Crystal Necklace

I love to come across quite unique jewellery and aren’t these beautiful? These are natural gemstones, handmade in England and custom made.  There are so many beautiful gemstones to choose from and various designs too, but I do love the raw garnet necklace, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉


Personalised Christmas Eve Santa Treat Board

My boys are grown up now, but still it’s tradition to leave Santa and his reindeers a little treat to thank them for stopping by.  I love this, what a great idea!


Basically Wooden

Have you seen the detail in this?  It’s a handmade, laser cut Steampunk Dice Tower.  These guys hand craft wooden dice and board games.  So clever!



Personalised Prints

I thought these were a nice idea and there are such a lot of variations, but I do like the Wellington boots print.  Again, custom made to your own preferences.  If I ordered one, it’d have to include a boat though 😉



Handmade Wooden Model Kits

These are such beautifully crafted handmade model kits in various designs.  Build your own mechanical kits.  I know a few people who would love these!



It’s Christmas Sweater Time!

Of course you can’t have a Christmas without silly Christmas jumpers, dresses, Onesies, hats etc – This one made me laugh!! 😆



Dogs Love Christmas too

And of course, there’s usually an excited, yet somewhat embarrassed dog running around somewhere amongst the discarded wrapping paper in his new Christmas Jumper



And lastly…There are some very funny handmade cards too 🤣


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas 🙂

Happy shopping!