7 Ways To Stop That Strange Feeling

Lately I’ve been a little… not sure what to call ‘it‘, ‘that feeling“.  I’m sure everyone’s felt it at some time?  That feeling…when you’re just a little ‘out of it’, not unwell, but a little…fed up?  

Is it the change of season? Am I affected by SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder?  I’m not sure, but we’ve been so used to the sunny long evenings and enjoyed the great weather we’ve had this Summer along with the extended amount of warmth to our Autumn days, but now here we are, it seems, all of a sudden with the grey, colder days and the darker evenings, which creep in from around three o’clock in the afternoon, making me feel a little robbed of part of a day and it surprises me every single year how quickly it gets dark.  I’ve gone from having so much energy during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months, keeping up with my fitness and generally feeling good to wanting to hibernate, not having much energy and wanting to curl up with a good book in front of the fire!

I hate that I’ve been a little…lack lustre this last week or so, it’s just not me but hey, I think I’m coming out of it, because now I’ve put away all my Summer clothes and actually enjoyed bringing out my Winter coats, jumpers and boots, had some beautiful Autumn walks, the boat’s all warm and cosy and I’ve been creating some warming Winter dinners, this ‘silly‘ mood seems to be lifting.

I’m ready! Bring it on Winter! I’ve got my Mo-Jo back! 

I’ve brushed myself off, slapped myself across the face a few times, (not recommended at all!) and reminded myself that, I do actually like our four seasons in our fabulous country!  Winter is a good time of year.  We need the rain, we need the frost, (not sure why we have to have the early dark nights, but hey ho) and I love playing in the snow!  Personally, we also have a lot to look forward to because this weekend we are heading down to see family in Cornwall for a short break, then there’s Christmas of course, which I absolutely love!  No bah-humbugging comments here please! Then there’s another trip down to Cornwall after Christmas, for more festive fun and frolics and, and, and…(I’m actually doing a happy dance now…) drum roll please…Oh Yes Folks, we’ve booked our next snowboarding holiday, (well it’s exciting for us anyway) 😉 more on that coming soon!

We’re all allowed to have ‘off days’, ‘down days’, ‘lack lustre days’ or have times when we just feel, fed up.  That’s ok, as long as you can give yourself a quick nudge and bring yourself out of it.

What did I do to give myself this nudge?

  • Got Cosy! Of course as the colder weather has crept in we’ve made the boat really cosy.  It helps having a log burner on the boat because it is beautiful and instantly brings a big hug to the boat.  I also love low lights and candles.
  • Winter Food! Don’t you just love those Winter warming foods?  Stew and dumplings, casseroles, various bakes, chilli’s, curry’s, soups…I could go on and on with all the scrumptious Winter warmers and of course there are the numerous warming cocktails you can concoct if you fancy.
    If you need any recipes, then check out my Pinterest link, I’m always saving delicious recipes to my ‘Great Food Recipes’ board.
  • Got my welly-bobs on! I tend to go for a few walks a day, one being a good long one  and if you’ve got a good coat, hat, gloves and your welly boots on, then who cares about the rain and muddy puddles! Enjoy them! IMG_9127I try to go where there are plenty of trees, because walking amongst these awesome natural beauties instantly lifts my spirits.   I put my phone away in my pocket, (except when there’s a good photo opportunity) and look up to the tree tops, watch them whirl around in the wind, watch the birds, the squirrels and breath.  To me there’s no better tonic.
  • Spoil Yourself!  To be honest, I’m not very good at this myself, but I do try to put some time aside to have some ‘Me’ time.  Time to do the things you like to do.  Again, put down your phone, try to stay away from all the techno stuff for a little while.  It’ll still be there when you get back to it.  I love having a long soak in a candle lit bath with a glass of wine, (yes I can do that on the boat) I do love Yoga, it relaxes me and it is something I keep telling myself I need to do more of.  What ever it is that you know relaxes you, try to find the time, (I’m telling myself this!).
  • I Get Jiggy!  Well ok, I know what some of you are thinking and yes that too helps with the loved up and happy feeling 😉 I was actually thinking about dancing about the place.  It may sound daft, but I always have the radio on while in the boat and what ever it is I am doing, I ‘jig about’, in other words, I dance! Yes, I dance when I’m stood at the sink washing up, I ‘jig about’ while I’m stood at my computer.  My PC is at a counter which is waist high, which means I can stand so that I can keep moving.  I ‘jig about’ when I’m cleaning as it makes me happy, I’m just glad no one can see me, I hope.
  • Exercise!  As well as ‘jigging about‘ on the boat, I do tend to exercise, which does make me feel immediately better.  Apart from walking and my inconsistent Yoga time, I love to mountain bike with Jon, IMG_3864but with Winter closing in, we’ve now managed to bag ourselves a new incentive – an indoor cycle trainer, which now sits in the wheelhouse. I have no excuse not to keep fit in the Winter months now.
  • Positive Thinking! I know this can be easier said than done, but there is usually something to look forward to, whether that’s looking forward to spending Christmas with family or trips away or both.  If the festive season doesn’t do it for you or you don’t have plans to go away, then maybe small changes to your surroundings will lift your spirits, such as decorating or de-cluttering.  I wrote a post last year about how de-cluttering was surprisingly up-lifting, getting rid of clutter had a great impact on me.  Jon has nearly finished fitting a new bathroom on the boat and it’s strange how exciting it is to see it take shape, (more on this coming soon too).  As it’s Thanksgiving in the USA and although we don’t celebrate this in the UK, personally, I do believe it’s nice to spend a little time, every now and again to ponder about what I have to be thankful for and it doesn’t take me long to realise that I have such a lot to be thankful for and that in itself is the biggest nudge I need to push ‘that strange feeling‘ aside and smile.

    A Wet ‘n’ Muddy Selfie

During these few weeks of my very unusual ‘lack lustre’ time, I feel I have neglected my blog a little and also have quite a number of blog posts to read and catch up on, so I apologise for that, but after giving myself that little nudge I needed, I’ll get back to it!

By the way, I didn’t actually slap myself around the face, although I did want to!

I’d be interested to know if the change of season affects anyone else?  If so, what do you do to give yourself a nudge?

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