An Antique Thingy And I Don’t Mean My Mum!

I had a really enjoyable afternoon out with my mum yesterday.  She’s, let’s say…the latter side of an 80 something year young woman and we often enjoy afternoons out together.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with her, not just because she’s my mum and I love her to bits, but because she’s funny and a pleasure to be around.  She finds it hard to accept her age, because in her head she’s still in her 60’s, if not younger.  I’m the same, I can’t believe I’m 53, because in my head I’m in my 30’s.  Yes she’s got a few niggles with this and that health wise, well actually, a lot of niggles, in fact I’d be here all blooming day if I had to list them all, but you don’t get to mums ripe age without gathering a few ‘blooming nuisance‘ (as mum puts it), aches and pains, but let’s just say she can’t do any cartwheels the way she used to.

The thing is, she’s not a complainer, never has been, she just gets on with accepting her niggles and the one thing which makes her able to do this?… Sense of humour! Mum has a wicked sense of humour and it helps her get through whatever she has to deal with.  She’s able to see the funny side of everything, which makes her great company.

Let’s get back to our afternoon out.  We eventually got out of the front door and nearly got her into the car – I was so close, she had one foot actually in the car when she realised she still had her snuggly, warm ankle socks on, “Oh it’s fine mum”, I said knowing my car was at an angle blocking the road in order for her to get into the passenger seat.  As I kept looking in all my mirrors to see which cars I was annoying, I looked at her – smart blouse, lovely skirt and…Oh, yes, my face said it all, “I’ll pull into the side again, Mum” I said, but she insisted she could take them off quickly.  I was a little skeptical, because I know she struggles to bend down sometimes, so thinking we’d be there for quite a while, and before I’d even had chance to help, she swiftly kicks off her shoes and slides each foot backwards on the road, ‘Eh Voila’ the socks had slid off, she’d kicked them up and into the car quickly followed by herself smiling at me as I sat, opened mouthed in amazement! I had no words! “Let’s go” she said.

I get my love of history from my mum, so when she suggested we go to the Antique shop in the village I was more than happy.  The place is rammed full of nostalgic pieces of history, which were spilling out into the street, we hadn’t even got through the door before mum picked up an old fashioned, long handled toasting fork and explained that she used to toast bread on her grandmothers fire every day after school with a fork just like the one she held.  I love to hear her talk about her childhood and hear how she used to live as a child, in fact with mum’s help I’m not doing too bad with our family tree, but that’s another story for another day.

We’d walked into a treasure trove of old fashioned furniture, household items, clocks, toby jugs, large old copper jam pans, big stirring spoons and large copper kettles.  It seems to me that everything from an old fashioned kitchen was large, but I love them, especially with their characteristics and small dents.  While mum was reminiscing and explaining how things were used on the old large cooking ranges and as we gently touched and picked things up, we were both wondering who these items belonged to, what fashions they’d be wearing at that time, what they’d be talking about in those days. Then this caught my eye…


Neither myself or mum knows what it is, but I think it’s interesting and quite beautiful.  It’s only around 8 inches tall and quite light, we thought a candle holder, although it’s not a great shape to hold a candle.  The store owner didn’t know either, but he did wonder if there should have been a glass of some kind held in the ornate cup.  If you look closely, you’ll see a small loop just under the cup, what would that be for?  A chain maybe, but why? I bought it for £8.00, it’ll stand somewhere in the boat.  Anyone have any ideas?

IMG_3483I also couldn’t resist these. The fork and server we think are British silver plated,  not a pair, (£3 each) but the large server is heavier and we believe to be solid silver, (£4) it has an unusual hallmark, certainly not British and I’m struggling to find any information out about the mark, so again, if anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful.

An unusual hallmark on the large spoon

The small pots and tiny silver spoons are mustard pots, mum says.  I thought they were cute and only £2 each.  Mum bought a few things too and after spending quite a long time enjoying the history within this shop we both agreed we’d be back for another browse around this interesting place.

Have you got a good antique shop near you?  If you have some time and you enjoy looking back in time, then its quite interesting and you may find a puzzle or two.