Amazing over 50’s – Julia Gibbs

Once again I am excited to introduce another guest to my series:

Amazing over 50’s

I’m inviting and featuring ‘Mid-lifers’ who are enjoying life over 50 and who are happy to shout out about great health, fitness, lifestyles, work or their achievements etc, but more importantly who are embracing this time of their lives with pride.

This month I’m so pleased to introduce Julia Gibbs as my seventh guest to this series.

Julia is a professional proofreader

A Guest Post – The Amazing over 50’s

Welcome to Loving The Fifty Something, Julia.  Can I start by asking you to tell us a little about yourself?

2 Proofreader in chairI was brought up in the Midlands, lived most of my adult life in London, and have lived in lovely North Norfolk for the last 15 years. I’ve had quite a varied work life (TV, travel, casinos, the music business, architecture) and have been a self-employed proofreader for some years now. I decided to work for myself when I realised that, wherever I worked in an office, everybody consulted me as some sort of grammar guru! My sister is the author Terry Tyler (@TerryTyler4 on Twitter).


Do you remember what turning 50 meant to you and how you feel now in relation?

Ah, well, I’m 61 now but I do remember that turning 50 sounded like a big number but didn’t bother me too much. (I celebrated by spending a week in New York with a couple of friends, it was great.) 8 Julia in New York

How I feel now in relation is – well, pretty much the same but I wouldn’t mind being 50 again. When you’re 50 it’s easy to look in the mirror and think ‘what’s the big deal, looking good, I can be like this indefinitely’. Then nearer 60, you realise it just takes a helluva lot more work just to stay in the same place!

How do you stay fit and healthy?

This is the most important thing, isn’t it. I know we all know this, but if you haven’t got your health, nothing else matters too much. I gave up smoking in 2012, having smoked for 35 years (aargh!), I’ve renounced dairy and am veering towards a much more plant-based diet, not only because it’s better and more natural for human beings, but also for the sake of the planet. My sister recently became a vegan, and I admire her for it.

I also took up dance classes 3 years ago, never having done this before; really, it was because I never did an exercise apart from walking (can’t swim, hate the gym, never did any sports). I thought it was time I did something, otherwise the danger of working from home meant that I would just sit at my desk and eat biscuits. Now I do 2 lessons of Fitsteps every week, and 2 of adult beginners’ ballet. I’m proud to say that my class (the oldest of whom is 74!!!!) have obtained their bronze and silver medals and are going for gold later in the year. I’ve just started adult beginners’ tap dancing, which should be a challenge, to say the least!  My class is the group photo below.  I’m 2nd from the right.

Dancing is great for fitness, Julia. Congratulations on the bronze and silver awards! What are the things you are most proud of achieving after turning 50?

Giving up smoking is one of them. Going to dance classes, especially ballet, which is blooming hard work even at beginner’s level. And I don’t really like blowing my own trumpet, but you asked me, so I’m very proud of having started my own business since I was 50. I always thought I would like to work for myself, but had no clue about what I might do. Then the boom in self-publishing coincided with everyone asking my advice on all aspects of proofreading, and I suddenly realised that what I ought to do was staring me in the face. I’m happy to say that I’m doing better now than I ever did working for someone else, and I have clients from all over the English-speaking world. I love my job!

Are there any messages or advice you’d like to give to people who are about to turn 50?

In the words of the late, great Helen Gurley-Brown, editor of US Cosmopolitan – ‘older is what we get!’ (if we’re lucky). We can look good however old we are, as long as we realise it takes more work, and don’t hang on to a look that worked for us when we were9 Julia, Aerosmith fan 30. I think it’s important to stay interested in the world around us, and not be afraid to try new things. I’ve just booked to go to Las Vegas next year to see Aerosmith in concert twice in one week.

Also, don’t think that your age means ‘I can’t do such-and-such because I’m X years old’. In the last 3 years I’ve had a hip replacement, and cataract operations in both my eyes. If it wasn’t for the miracle of modern medicine and cosmetics, I would be a grey-haired blind woman with a walking stick. So – I suspect the secret of getting older successfully might be to have parts of oneself gradually replaced with titanium and high-grade plastic!

Brilliant, Julia! A great interview and I love your line, “don’t hang on to a look that worked for us when we were 30”

Thank you so much for being another great guest on my series.

‘Amazing Over 50’s’

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