#WordlessWednesday – Clocks

I do love unusual clocks.

This unusual clock called The Hastings Clock stands proudly in Rotherham and was erected in 1912 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V & Queen Mary on 22 June 1911.


I did wonder what the relevance of the hooves were under the large planter.

After doing a little research I came across this blog called ‘Memorial Drinking Fountains’ which explained it wasn’t only a clock tower, but also a drinking fountain.

The large planter was a drinking receptacle for horses, (hence the hooves).  There are smaller planters around the other side which were water fountains for the people of Rotherham to enjoy a drink of water.

If you fancy popping over to the ‘Memorial Drinking Fountains blog, click Here

I think it’s a beautiful clock and drinking fountain, what do you think?

18 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday – Clocks

  1. It’s certainly striking (no pun intended). A little ornate for my taste, but elegant all the same. I love the horses drinking trough idea.

    1. Yes it is very decorative, but I suppose that’s why I love it. Although a little too ornate, as you said, but it just stands out so proud & makes our modern buildings look quite boring. Love the history around it too 😊

    1. Great I’ll take a look at the link. I’ll be trying to spot these old water troughs now on my travels & yes it did cross my mind with that there must have been plenty of tiptoeing around certain large piles of poop in those days 😬😊

    1. Yes the hooves were a mystery to me until I researched it then it was obvious considering the period 😊

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