Amazing over 50’s – Danielle Tilley

I’m very excited to introduce another guest to my series:

Amazing over 50’s

I’m inviting and featuring ‘Mid-lifers’ who are enjoying life over 50 and who are happy to shout out about great health, fitness, lifestyles, work or their achievements etc, but more importantly who are embracing this time of their lives with pride.

This month I’m so pleased to introduce Danielle Tilley as my fifth guest to this series.

DeeDee, (as she likes to be known) has a blog called Invisible-No-More which, if you haven’t come across it yet, is well worth a visit, as you will be inspired by DeeDee’s attitude and determination to overcome not only her own, but her husband’s ‘Midlife Crisis’.

A Guest Post – The Amazing over 50’s

Welcome to Loving The Fifty Something, DeeDee.  Would you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

Hi, my name is DeeDee and I started my blog in November of 2016. I began blogging as a way to deal with the loneliness of my midlife crisis. My youngest was entering college and I was disconnected from everyone. I had really isolated myself and realized just how invisible I had become in my own life. In short, I was very unhappy. My blog is about those activities that helped me turn those negative, lost feelings into positive and fun connections. A big part of what helped me manage the stress is the daily exercise that I enjoy and just talking with others who are in the same stage of life has brought me back from that isolation.


Do you remember what turning 50 meant to you and how you feel now in relation?

I never feared turning 50, or any other milestone birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love the idea of aging any more than the next person! But, I did not have specific feelings about 50. My midlife crisis began at 49 and was easily the worst year of my life, to date. To mark the end of that time period, I got my first, and only, tattoo. It is the Gaelic symbol for new beginnings and it has been a reminder to me that I wish to continue to move forward and make the most of my life, at any age.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

We are a rock climbing family, all four of us! Our kids are really good climbers and my hubby and I try to keep up! Climbing is a great way to tone your entire body and I recommend it for all ages. My husband and I also run and I have completed 4 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10ks. We both also enjoy yoga and I have recently started kickboxing.IMG_4226

I really try to focus more on the healthy part, rather than the fit aspect. Climbing, running and yoga are really more for my mental state than anything else. When I began my midlife crisis I really hit the running hard. I found that helped me work through the dark and lonely feelings the best. Nothing brought my mood up quicker than grinding out 4 or 5 miles. I always felt better after that, still do! I found that I could get back to a more positive mindset after a great sweat session.

Rock climbing also helps me to refocus on what is important. Just being out in nature, and breathing the fresh air is hugely beneficial! There is so much involved in climbing, before you even set a foot on the rock. A large amount of planning has to occur before heading out. Do I have the right gear? What will the weather be that time of day? Then there is the hike in and out (with all that gear on your back!). Often the hiking is straight up for several miles. I have to make sure I have enough food and water to get there, up the rock face, and hike back out again! I really feel like I have accomplished something at the end of the day!IMG_4364.jpg

We split our time between Redmond Washington and Tucson Arizona, and both locations have some great climbing venues. We have climbed in North Bend and Leavenworth in Washington. Mt Lemmon is near our home in Tucson, and my son and I have spent time at the Cochise Stronghold in Southern Arizona. One of our best trips, as a family, was at Smith Rocks State park in Oregon. We spent the week climbing and running at this stunning climbing Mecca!

I consider myself a yogi-in-law. My husband started doing yoga as a means of injury prevention. He stared running and climbing with me, after he saw how much I was enjoying it, and that the physical activity was helping me with other areas in my life. He was much more in tune with how much flexibility will help prevent injuries. He LOVES hot yoga, but he also does not have hot flashes! This form of yoga will not work for me! I tried it a couple times and almost passed out 😦
He convinced me to go on a yoga retreat in Mexico. We had such a great time that we went again the next year. Our yoga instructor lives in our home state and has retreats at her house. Recently she asked me to cater her events, as I did go to culinary school at one point and also enjoy cooking and baking. This was a fun, new aspect to the retreats which I really enjoyed! And, I got to do a little yoga with the group 🙂


You must be so fit DeeDee and the combination of Yoga, Running and Climbing must give you such a lot of strength and stamina!  What are the things you are most proud of achieving after turning 50?

I am currently 51, so I hope to add to this question for many years to come! So far, I am most proud of the close relationships I have with both my son and daughter. It means so much that my kids are happy to spend time with me. They actually like hanging out with mom. We climb, dine, shop and watch movies together. We don’t spend every moment together, of course, but they will call me up and schedule time with me. I find that any activity is better with my kids!


I love your answer there DeeDee 🙂  Are there any messages or advice you’d like to give to people who are about to turn 50?

It is cliche to say “age is just a number”, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true! If there is something that you have always wanted to try, then go for it! I began climbing when I was 48, because I finally had time for myself! I have run 3 half marathons after the age of 49, and I went to culinary school at 46. This is your time to do what you have always wanted to try, take it!!

Thank you so much DeeDee for being my fifth guest.  

I’m so pleased you found a way of dealing with your ‘Mid Life difficulties’ and you are certainly someone who can prove health and fitness does help the mind to recover.

Thank you so much for being another inspiring guest on my series

‘Amazing Over 50’s’

If you’d like to connect with DeeDee, follow her blog or see some of her great climbing and yoga photo’s, here are the links below:

 Blog:  Invisible-No-More


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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about yet another ‘Amazing over 50′.  

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate to some of the emotions DeeDee felt as she was reaching her ‘Midlife’.  Did something help you the way exercise helped DeeDee?  Let us know 🙂

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