A Failed Gym Routine, Healthy Swaps & Carb Education

Over the last year I’ve made a few changes to my life.  I sold my business and my house so that myself and Jon could move onto his boat, which after being on board since last October we feel totally settled and feel it was a positive move, but after things have now settled down, there is one other major change which I have noticed has taken place, mainly for myself – my fitness and my health.IMG_0180

I had a full time dog walking and pet sitting business and spent five days a week walking from (on average) 9:30am until 5:30pm, along with fitting in the pet sitting jobs before and after those times.  I loved my work.  It was the best job in the world in Summer and hard work in Winter, it was also an incredibly physical business.  I remember never having to think about my weight and I was constantly hungry, eating whatever I wanted and felt so fit and healthy, but now that the big move and lugging boxes around has finished I don’t feel as active, but don’t get me wrong, I love living on the boat, In fact we don’t miss the house at all, (well I do miss my garden a little) I love that I have more time for my blog and look forward to the planned boat and camper van trips we are making, but my body is starting to react to the slower pace of life.  I still walk my own dogs at least twice everyday, but as you can imagine, I feel my body is shouting at me, “Oi’ what’s going on – I need more!” I’ve certainly noticed a few, let’s say, ‘changes‘ in certain areas which I’m keeping my eye on very closely.

So what am I doing to about it?  I Joined a gym – a few months ago. I had my standard half hour with a personal trainer to set me up with targets in the gym, which I actually really enjoyed.  I sweated on the machines and pumped that iron every day, along with attending a couple of Yoga classes a week, I was on a roll and totally up for the new regime and felt really good, until I had to have a break for a little operation, which you can read about Here.  The recuperation has been a little longer than I’d expected and because my gym routine was broken I haven’t actually been back yet.  I do plan to do so, because I still have a month that I’ve paid for, but I’ve decided I won’t carry on going because of the cost – ‘Good grief it’s not cheap!’ And also as we plan to to be tripping off in the boat and camper van It’ll be difficult to go anyway.  So basically…What the hell was I thinking of joining a Gym??!  I knew I was having that operation – did I honestly think I’d be skipping back there the next day? I also knew we were planning on tripping off in the boat and I also knew how much it would cost before I signed on the dotted line. So my gym experience? Failed!

A Wet ‘n’ Muddy Selfie

On the plus side, we will be getting back on the mountain bikes and finding a few bike trails so there’ll be some puffing and panting with that.  My dogs keep me active and I love the local wood walks around where the boat is moored at the moment.  I have also downloaded a Yoga course, which I plan on finding time for every day, starting this weekend!! (the exclamation marks are for my benefit by the way).

I have also made a few changes to our food habits, (I say ‘our‘ because I’ve been dragging Jon along this particular journey with me).  I do the main bulk of our food shopping, so it’s less sugary foods and more fruit and veg for us!! (those exclamation marks again – sorry) We are also eating virtually no bread and less red meat and instead cooking mainly chicken and fish, putting less portions on the plates and swopping the rice, pasta and potatoes for cauliflower or broccoli rice and carrot spirals instead of noodles.


Since we started being a little more conscious with the foods we are eating, Jon has needed to add another hole in his belt as he’s lost a significant amount of weight, which he’s really pleased about.  I think it’s made more of a difference to Jon than me because  he used to eat quite a lot of sweet things and because we are eating virtually no bread, this means no butter, (of which he’d slice as if it were cheese) or his fifty jars of honey a week! (Okay maybe a little exaggeration there).

I can’t say the change of food habits has made a difference to my weight, although I haven’t put any on as such, which is amazing to say my exercise is significantly less than it was and I had a few weeks, due to my operation, where I couldn’t do any exercise at all.  I do however, feel so much better in myself for not eating red meat or bread and changing the high carb foods for vegetable substitutes for our evening meal.  I’ve even been good with increasing the lemon water intake and cutting back on the wine, (for those who know me – honestly I have!!), not that I’m overly happy about that…

IMG_0945I saw a great programme last night, (6th June at 8pm) on BBC 1 called ‘The Truth About Carbs.  I recommend catching up with it if you can, because it explains such a lot about carbohydrates and how, by eating the ‘correct‘ carbs can not only reduce weight, but significantly help with diabetes.  Not only did they explain which are the ‘correct’ carbs, but they also went on to explain the need for us to eat a little known carbohydrate called resistant starch, this particularly helps to combat bowel cancer.  They also did the whole, ‘comparing particular foods with the equivalent number of sugar lumps‘ thing, which I always find surprising…equivalent of 19 sugar lumps in a baked potato! Eek! It was such an interesting and educational programme, I learnt loads, well worth a watch.

So that’s a little update on the changes we’ve made and as I’m tip tapping away on my keyboard I’m noticing the gorgeous weather outside, so It’s now time for a good fast wood walk with the pooches – happy days 🙂


Have you had to make any changes recently?  Do you feel better for it?  Would love to hear about it 🙂