My First Bloggers Bash Experience

I bought the ticket a few months ago after knowing I’d become serious about Blogging. Β I was a little apprehensive about it, but wanting to meet other bloggers, networking and eager to learn more was my reason for buying the ticket and it certainly didn’t disappoint, because the second I walked through the door to The George IV I was welcomed by familiar faces and made to feel at ease straight away. Β The room soon filled up with faces I’d seen from the blogs I follow and the smiles and hugs said it all, I knew it Β was going to be a lovely day.

It was plainly obvious that the committee of the Bash had worked very hard in making sure the day a success. Β The venue was great and I thought, a perfect distance out of the centre of London to bypass the crowds which were there for another event on that same day…didn’t Meghan look amazing?!Β  Luckily we were able to catch sneaky peaks of the Royal wedding on the TV’s in the pub πŸ™‚

A day of putting real faces to the blogs I read regularly, the enjoyment of making new friends, the introduction to new blogs and the all important tips of the trade digested.

A big congratulations to all those fabulous bloggers who won awards!!

Me? well I did win something on the day, which I am ‘still’ really gob smacked’ about…


There was a writing competition for the Bloggers Bash. Β Enter a short story, only 300 words, around the theme of ‘Royalty’. Β I’m no author, but thought I’d give it a go so entered…I only went and won 2nd Place!!!Β Β I’d never written a story in my life before, so was so shocked and I’m chuffed to bits!

(Congrats to the winner, I didn’t actually hear the name as I was busy being really overwhelmed and shocked to be getting 2nd, so if somebody could let me know who won 1st, I’d appreciate it as I’d love to read their story)

Here’s a link to my story, if you fancy a read…‘The Royal House’

I totally enjoyed the Bloggers Bash and do recommend it to any blogger, if you can get there. Β Thank you to the committee, you did a great job and thank you to the judges who thought my story was good enough to win 2nd place πŸ™‚

Here are a few photo’s I took at the bash of some of the lovely people I met that day.

Looking forward to next year already! πŸ™‚