A Pooch Surprise

Back in March I wrote a review on ‘The PoochOnezee’.  I originally wrote the blog post because I genuinely loved the product which I bought for Rosie, our Collie who loves puddles, water and mud and although I love walking Rose, the aftermath has never been much fun, having to use so many towels to dry and clean her in order to save my car and home from the splatter, so I was delighted after buying a PoochOnezee because it ‘did what it said on the tin’.  It’s brilliant so I wanted to shout out about it, but I wasn’t expecting the surprise which came through the post after I wrote the review.The company who makes the Onezee’s, Cuckaroot Ltd saw my post and noticed that our Miss Millie Puggly, didn’t have one so they sent one over to us as a gift!

How great is that?! We were over the moon!

IMG_0444 2
We’re like twins aren’t we?

So now after our wet and muddy walks, they’re both as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in the back of the car and are dry, warm and mud free for when we get home and Miss Puggly doesn’t feel left out 🙂  These Onezee’s are just brilliant!  We visit Cornwall in our camper van quite a lot and spend most of our time on the beach.  After playing on the beach and in the sea every day, it means we have wet and sandy pooch’s so the Onezee’s are just the perfect thing to wrap Rosie and Millie in when returning to the camper.  No more wet and sandy camper, just warm, cosy and happy dogs.

But there’s more…

Not only did they send Millie a PoochOnezee, but they also sent a PoochHabit for Rose to try out too, which is a great towelling coat, made from the same material as the Onezee so she dries very quickly.

Here’s Rosie modelling her new PoochHabit

It’s great for after her baths, leaving her legs free so she can still move about, whilst drying her thicker fur on her back and under belly.  I was always, in the past trying to get her to lie in front of the fire on a towel after her baths to make sure she didn’t get cold, but now the Habit is perfect for keeping her warm and helps her to dry much quicker, whilst helping to keep the rugs and her bed dryer too.

But wait there was more…

Cuckaroot Ltd also, very kindly sent us something to help with Millie’s baths – It’s a BathEZ, a waterproof collar and lead which attach’s to the bath side to help keep her steady and stops her from jumping all over the place 🙂 Brilliant!!  I say it’s for Millie because Rosie usually just stands as good as gold for her baths or shower so doesn’t need it, but Millie – well, she’s a different story! She’s never over excited about her baths so this is so helpful in keeping her secure so that your hands are free to get the job done quickly.

What a surprise to receive these great poochy prezzies in the post!  I wasn’t expecting them at all and I can’t thank the lovely pooch loving people from Cucaroot Ltd enough.

I, Rosie and Millie love their products!!

Please note, neither my original review or this post are sponsored.  I wrote my original review, ‘Mud, Who Cares?’ which you can read here, after I purchased Rosie’s PoochOneZee myself and because I genuinely love the product. 

I received Millie’s PoochOnezee, the PoochHabit and BathEZ as gifts.

I genuinely love the products and highly recommend them.

As I am affiliated with Amazon there are links on this post where you can view and purchase these fabulous poochy products.   If you do purchase from a link on this page then not only are you making your pooch, car & home happy, but I may benefit from a very small money treat too which is very much appreciated and keeps the blog going.

Believe me, both you & your pooch will love these cosy post walk Onezees 🙂

Just click on the links below if you’d like to see more:

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I wish you and your pooches a great day 😀🐶