Knocked sideways!!

For the last 3 years or so, I’ve had a little niggle in the groin area.  I have generally managed to ignore it for most of the time, carrying on with my dog walking business, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing and walking, being too busy to do anything about it and hoping it would just fix itself.  Since selling my business and knowing it hadn’t just gone away, I thought I’d pop into the Doc’s to see what they had to say…An Inguinal Hernia and No…they don’t fix themselves at all, they have to be operated on – Damn!

Luckily I was able to manipulate the date of my operation to fall after both our snowboarding holidays which was great, but then the day came last Friday.  A day job, in and out, a little routine op, I’ll feel a little uncomfortable then I’ll have a couple of days with my feet up, jobs-a-good-un, or so I thought...Bloody Hell! – Knocked sideways!

I won’t go into it all, but needless to say I have been a little ‘out of sorts’ this last week and I’m still a little ‘tender around the nether regions’.  I had keyhole surgery, but still can’t understand why I woke up to three stapled holes along my belly button line, when the surgery was down in my groin?  All I know is that, apart from the three holes, I also woke up to a huge dome of a stomach which wasn’t there when I went to sleep!  I spent last week cautiously tip toeing round, holding and rubbing my extended, solid bump remembering my pregnancy days whilst quickly forgetting what my feet looked like!

I’m a week on from that now, feeling a lot better, my stomach’s going down slower than I’d like, but getting there. I’m walking a little less like I’ve got something clenched between my buttocks and I’m ready for some fresh air, so Jon and I are taking Polly, our camper out for a spin.  Heading down to Cornwall for a change of scenery and to see family 🙂

Even though I’m a 50 something there’s always things you learn about life in general and yourself on a daily basis.  I don’t like to complain about things like this, because I know only too well, this was nothing compared to what others go through.  On the contrary, I think ahead at the thought of getting fit again, getting back on my bike and getting strong.  Jon has been a brilliant nurse and we’ve had a laugh at my misfortune, (or I’ve laughed as much as my stomach and pain has allowed, which in turn makes things funnier) but I have been quite shocked at the impact of this routine operation as to its effects, for instance;

  • the weakness I felt from waking up after the operation was to be expected, but after the third day, I was in such pain and still had total lack of energy and strength
  • for someone who is normally a strong and fast walker, I was actually in shock as to how physically and mentally it affected me in the first few days, by not even being able to walk from one end of the boat to the other without having to sit down for a rest
  • from the third day I found myself getting stronger by the day, which in itself is a challenge for me personally, because I’m quite impatient so as I felt stronger I found myself having to hold back as I am under strict instructions not to lift anything or do anything strenuous for 6 weeks (believe me this is a major personal challenge)
  • now seven days on – not feeling too bad, will be nice to get these darn staples out of my stomach, twinges keep reminding me that I still have got to hold back otherwise I’ll be back where I started

I’ve recently learnt;

  •  That it’s stupid to join a gym a couple of weeks before going in for an operation (what was I thinking??)
  • Everything seems funny when you physically can’t laugh
  • My fella, as skilled as he is at removing of my underwear, is totally rubbish at putting said underwear back on! (me not him)
  • The same fella is even more rubbish at putting surgical socks on! (me not him)
  • A hot water bottle is the best invention EVER!!
  • Having a huge stomach full of gas really hurts!
  • Getting on and off a boat after an operation is not that easy!
  • I didn’t know I could go a week without a glass of wine! (totally haven’t felt like it)
  • A little routine operation – SUCKS!

As I type this we are almost in Truro, the sun is shining and as Jon’s just shouted out, “I’m looking forward to a cup ‘o’ tea at my mum and dad’s” 🙂

Here’s to a chilled week and a little recuperation in Cornwall