An Unexpected Day in London

I was in London for a flying visit to meet my youngest son from his three months away in Canada, but as I woke up excited in my hotel room, looking forward to seeing his face, the morning soon turned out to be a disappointment to hear that his plane had been cancelled and he was now due the next day.  So, there was a day to kill… a tootle about London it was to be then.

It was nice though, because it meant I had a bit of (very rare) quality time with my eldest son who had come across from Central London to meet his younger brother off the plane, so we both decided to head back into London towards Oxford Street for a little retail therapy,

browsing around Selfridges, Harrods and many other stores followed by a Nando’s lunch, well actually for us it was breakfast because we hadn’t yet eaten – Nando’s for breakfast? – a definite first for me! 

Whenever I come to London to meet up with my eldest son I’m always amazed at how he’s adapted so well and made it his home. Not bad for a Yorkshire lad, who now knows his way around this great city the way he does, jumping on & off the tubes without barely glancing at the maps, hailing a taxi while running into the middle of the road with me in tow, “Come on Mum quick, get in he shouldn’t be stopping here!” Good grief, my heart was racing as I threw myself in the back, It’s certainly a fast pace in my sons world. He totally loves it and is at home there while personally, as much as I love to visit London, I’m always glad to come away and head back to the countryside.

We had a lovely few hours together before my son was then itching to head off to do his own thing, so we said our goodbyes and I ‘tootled‘ off to be a sightseer around this fabulous capital of ours.  It’s not very often I get chance to wander around on my own and I was quite looking forward to it. It took me a while to get my bearings and decided after spending the morning in amongst the crowds I’d head off to find Hyde Park for some quiet time where, personally I’m a little more comfortable and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Although it was quite a dull and wet day and not a great day for photography, I had such a wonderful time wandering around admiring the beautiful trees within the surprisingly quiet park and I enjoyed studying the fabulous statues and monuments.

The detail in the sculptures is just amazing and I did have a tear in my eye as I stood in the rain gazing up in awe at the unbelievably emotive war memorial at the entrance of Hyde Park.  The soldiers stand so powerful and proud overlooking the park, just stunning.  A fabulous tribute.

The detail of work in the Wellington monument is also just beautiful and I also stopped in my tracks as I was walked past the memorial for the ‘Animals in War’.  Again, such an emotional tribute to all the animals who served, suffered and died in the past wars.

I remember watching people as they hurried past and did wonder how many, who live in the city, rush past these amazing structures many times and never actually stop to take them in.  I was lucky that day I guess, because I had the time.

Of course my little wander around London had to include a visit to Buckingham Palace to give our Royals a wave and to gaze at yet more fantastic statues.

London is a wonderful city and I certainly know I haven’t scratched the surface with the many things I’d like to see there.  I’ve been told that next time I visit, I need to go to the Churchill War Rooms museum, which apparently is really interesting and I’d also like to spend some time at the Tower of London.  This Yorkshire lass has many more visits to enjoy in the future.IMG_0413

My next journey to London though is in a couple of weeks when I won’t be sightseeing or visiting my son, but attending my first Annual Bloggers Bash where I’ll be meeting some great Bloggers within the vast blogging community, which I am now happy to be involved with.  I have also been lucky enough to be nominated in the category of Best Newcomer, so I’ll be letting you know how I do, watch this space…

If you have any suggestions for me as to what to see next time I visit London then let me know as I’m sure I’ll be dropping by ‘The Smoke’ in the future for more sightseeingIMG_0603