It’s National Puppy Day!

Yeahy! I couldn’t let this day pass!

Most readers of my blog will know that two members of our family are our dogs, Rosie (Collie) and Mille (Pug).ย  We love them, they are such characters so I thought I’d embarrass them both by showing their puppy photo’s as it’s National Puppy Day.

This photo is of Rose the day we picked her up to bring her to her forever home, she was definitely the one for us!

Pick me! Pick me!

Before taking her home, we visited her every week from the minute she was born, we met her mum and dad and played with all her brothers and sisters, but Rose was the one we bonded with straight away.

ย We loved her from the first moment we saw her and when she came home, she certainly settled very quickly

She loved her carrots and eventually grew into her ears.ย  ย When we brought Rose home we already had a lovely girl called Jenna who was 10 years old at the time and did so very well in accepting Rose.ย  Jenna certainly taught her a lot and made training Rose easier.

Our beautiful Jenna teaching Rose to be a good girl

Then a few months later, my son welcomed Millie into his new home…

…and while my son was at work during the day, Millie came to our house to play with Rose and…well I’m not going to lie here, Jenna did not take to Mille and certainly wasn’t going to play with her, I just don’t think she could figure out ‘what’ she was exactly!


Millie totally attached herself to Rose and they became an ‘unusual’ couple and best friends.ย  They were inseparable and so when my son’s work took him eventually to London, it seemed like the perfect plan for us to look after her.ย  My son enjoys cuddles with her when he comes home and Jenna eventually accepted her.ย  They became our trio and even settled on the boat.

Unfortunately, we lost Jenna in 2015 and miss her greatly, Rose and Mille are a big part of our lives and we try to include them in everything we do.ย  When we go mountain biking Rose runs along and Millie certainly isn’t left out.


Just on a serious note…

Whilst it’s National Puppy Day, if anybody is thinking of getting a new puppy, please make sure you are totally ready as it isย a big decision.ย  They need a lot of looking after, they need a lot of love, attention and exercise – yes, even Pugs ๐Ÿ™‚ย Think about whether they could fit into your working life, can you give them the exercise they need and also to understand that some dogs can live up to 15 years plus, depending what breed they are.

I do realise that there are genuine reason’s for people to have to give their dogs up, but I hear all the time about people giving up their dogs to shelters or even just abandoning them because they are expensive and they need too much looking after.ย  I’ve heard of people giving new dogs up because they chew or destroy things in the home, (this behaviour actually can be avoided!)ย  I find it to be very sad and mostly thoughtless, dogs are wonderful creatures who, just like us, get attached to their families, they are loving and only want to please.ย  There are so many dogs who are desperate to be re-homed, so this may be a thought if anyone is looking for a new member for their family – try your local dog shelter.

Before we found Rose, I really wanted to rescue a dog and we tried to re-home a three year old Collie from a shelter, but they wouldn’t allow us to have her, because Jenna wasn’t neutered and they said our garden wasn’t secure enough! I was angry and disappointed at the time, because we could’ve given her a loving home, but we weren’t prepared to have Jenna go through an unnecessary operation at the age of 10.ย  So we found Rose and Millie well, she found us ๐Ÿ™‚

You had to show the puppy photo’s didn’t you?!ย  ย So embarrassing!!

Happy National Puppy Day folks, give your pooch a loving hug and why not send in a photo of your four legged friends in the comments, I’d love to see them ๐Ÿ™‚



6 thoughts on “It’s National Puppy Day!

  1. Heart-warming story and so sad about Jenna. Unfortunately, I know exactly what you went through there, Sam. I’d be mad as well at the shelter for not allowing you to keep the Collie! While I understand there are rules and they want to avoid homing dogs in households that aren’t suitable, I think they should make case-to-case decisions.

    Mark and I love dogs and would give them the best life ever (we have in the past), but we doubt we’d ever be able to adopt, because of our lifestyle (not having a fence, let alone a yard, let alone a house :-)). Our only option in the future is pick up a stray on the streets in a less-developed country, probably. I refuse (and discourage) buying a dog at a breeder. There are enough wonderful creatures out there in shelters, that might not even survive if it wasn’t for a quick adoption!

    1. Absolutely agree. There are so many poor souls who need homes & we did try. Like you I do understand rules but yes, they didnโ€™t even come to our home & the fact that we had already brought up a Happy dog for the previous 10 years shouldโ€™ve been a clue that we were good dog owners. I was honest on the form & never got any further Iโ€™m afraid, but then we are blessed with our beautiful collie, Rose โค๏ธ

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