Mud? Who cares!

For as long as I can remember I have been around dogs.  I grew up with dogs and as soon as I left home and was able to care for one myself well, I didn’t hesitate.

Dogs have been a major part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have spoken in previous posts about selling up to live on a boat, well the business I sold in 2017 was a Dog Walking and Petsitting business which I set up and ran for four years and if we hadn’t made the decision to move away and live on our boat, then I’d still be there dog walking and caring for people’s pets for a living.  It was great for me and a wise career choice at that time, because I love animals, I love the outdoors, I like to keep fit  and one of my favourite things in the world, (apart from animals) is walking – Perfect!

It was hard work though, in the Summer months it was the best job in the world and in the Winter months, well it was hard graft.  I didn’t particularly mind the bad weather because I dressed for it and I got used to the ‘bad hair days’ and the ‘wild, wet look’, but one of the hardest things was coping with the Mud! 

When you’re walking with up to six medium/big sized dogs and I always walked on the Moorland or big open fields, anywhere where the dogs could run and play without bothering anyone else, where they could play in water and totally enjoy that hour or so then you’ve got to accept –  Wet and Muddy dogs!   Thankfully though, I was never too precious about my van and to me, a muddy and wet dog is a happy dog, they certainly had lots of fun on our walks, but I had to return the dogs in a reasonable state to their respective homes and I only had a certain amount of time to return the dogs before picking up the next group, so I got really good at speed towelling.  I had a good routine around the dogs body, generally not missing an area and they generally loved it too, although a little too much for some who would think it was a game.  Mud! Yes if you were to ask what was the worst thing about the business, it wasn’t the weather, it was Mud!  Oh and not forgetting the many times I’d be covered too, generally getting ‘splattered’ by my happy walking companions and of course not forgetting slipping in it many times, a couple of times face down in the stuff!  Oh the fun!

After selling up last year, we now only have our own four legged friends to walk, Rosie and Millie.

Millie Puggly is easy, she avoids puddles, walking around them very daintily and her fur is very easy to clean, but Rose – well there’s another story…one of her favourite things, apart from sticks and balls is – Water and Puddles!  She finds great pleasure, I’m sure, in getting as muddy as possible, so now that I have a nicer car, I have a protective sheet and loads of towels for them in the back and I spend quite a bit of time towelling her off before she jumps in, but I did, however, make a brilliant purchase recently so I thought I’d write a review for it…  

I bought a PoochOneZee It’s a fast drying bag for Rose, our puddle and mud lover 🙂  

It’s my latest, ‘Great Buy!

Mud? Who cares!  Yes folks, a Onesie for a dog! It’s a very soft and cosy piece of towelling with a velcro neck collar and a zip up the front.

Rosie can get as wet and as muddy as she wants, (not that I ever stopped her anyway) I lay it open in the back of my car before setting off for our walk so that it’s ready for her to jump into after returning.IMG_4849

We then enjoy a lovely wet and muddy walk, run and play 😀


On returning to the car, I get her to sit into the ‘Onezee’ and I wrap the neck cuff around her neck and secure it with the velcro…

In you get Rose
Fasten the collar
Good Girl

As she’s really quite wet and muddy at this stage, I then give her a bit of a rub underneath, because as I bought the large, there’s plenty of towelling to rub with…

A quick rub and Tickle Tickle

I then zip her up…


she lays down ready for the journey home.  The Onezee is really soft and cosy and keeps her warm and ‘fast’ dries her, so by the time we get back home, (about 15/20 minutes) I open the car, I give her one last quick rub then unzip the Onezee and let her out and she is dry, but the amazing thing is, the mud has fallen off her and she has her lovely white fluffy fur back.


There are some small areas of dry mud on her, such as the short hair on the legs, but generally all the mud which was on her main areas has come off – I absolutely love this thing!

Our beautiful girl ❤️

I then turn the Onezee inside out, give it a shake and hang it up somewhere to dry or put it in the washer.  It came in its own useful pouch too.

I do wish I’d have bought one of these years ago?!  If you have dogs and they love the mud, then the PoochOnezee really is worth having a look at and although I am affiliated with Amazon, I would not recommend something unless I truly liked the product myself.  I bought mine from Amazon, take a look at it Here.

I use mine in the car mainly because most days we drive to our nearest wood to walk, but obviously, if I’m walking on the canal then I’d lay it out in her bed ready for our return, she’d then get in her bed, I’d zip her up and it’s a warm cosy snuggly sleep for Rose until she’s dry – and less mud to deal with for me 🙂

Happy Days!🐶

Hey – Where’s mine then??

After I published the original PoochOneZee post, I let the company know about the post I’d written.  I thought they’d be pleased to read how happy I am about the product.

They were really pleased and wanted to thank me.  I was surprised a short time later as I received a large parcel!

You can read about what they surprised the pooches with Here








22 thoughts on “Mud? Who cares!

    1. Lol I’ve certainly needed one in the past! Dogs are wonderful, such characters, I couldn’t be without them 🙂

    1. Lol! It really is brilliant, although I’m sure Mollie doesn’t get as muddy as Rosie 🙂

  1. While Dog dislikes water and swimming he’s a bit of a sucker for mud so this sounds like a car boot’s dream. Clever you for finding such a thing…

    1. 😊 yes it was a great business it was hard work physically but kept me fit! Yes the doggie onezee is fantastic I love it. Thanks 😊

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