#Throwback Thursday! It’s time to sell up and live on a boat!

(First posted 5 Mar 2017)   This was more or less a year ago now and when I think back to the amount of work which went into actually achieving this I’m really quite amazed it only took a year.  From selling a business and a house, to packing up, I wrote another post on de-cluttering, storing everything we couldn’t take with us to the boat, then moving on, (doesn’t actually sound a lot does it?) What a year!! Just made me smile when I read this again, we’d just come back from our first visit to Canada and during that holiday had made a BIG decision…   It’s time to sell up and live on a boat





31 thoughts on “#Throwback Thursday! It’s time to sell up and live on a boat!

  1. Well done! It all looks fantastic. We did exactly the same. We bought an old yacht, spent a year renovating her, then when she was seaworthy we sailed to Greece from Portsmouth. That was seven years ago. We still have the yacht in Greece!

  2. You know what I think of your lifestyle! “”It’s awesome Sam. With a love of small spaces, as in living in a motorhome [an apartment on wheels] for years, we know what the change means. I am enjoying reading your take on living a life that is out of the square! Keep it up x

    1. Thanks Suzanne, yes you’re one who definitely knows the meaning of downsizing. There are plenty more posts to come 😃x

  3. I’m not sure if I’m inspired or terrified by the idea of such a downsize. Part of me thinks it’s like those skinny jeans that I think will look cool but the reality is it is all a bit of a ‘hold you breath and hope’ fallacy. Still if you can wriggle in to them why not give it a go and who cares about the odd muffin top (which is where the analogy breaks down and I stop)

    1. 😂 your analogy is quite brilliant. There are times when the skinny jeans look, feel & Are fantastic, but just sometimes it’s nice to feel comfortable in those baggy ones. It’s just that once you’ve thrown out your baggies you bend & stretch to make sure you stay comfortable in the skinny’s & have to stuff in the muffin tops. 😃

  4. I never tire of reading about your brilliant cast-off of old life and embrace of new. Am I jealous? No. In the end my choice is a different one but what inspires is the can-do approach and the joy you have taken in embracing the fact that life honestly can start again at any age (and you are several years my junior by the way) and be fun-filled and fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much, I do love your comments 🌸 you’re older than me? I hadn’t realised 😊🌸

          1. LOL …. I wish I could say it is my super-strict and inspired lifestyle but I’m afraid I am no example on that front!!! Xx

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