The Annual Bloggers Bash Writing Competition 2018

As I’ll be attending my first Annual Bloggers Bash in May this year I thought I’d give the writing competition a go too.

As there’s another exciting event happening on the same day as the Bash, the theme of the writing competition is ‘Royalty’ and there’s a maximum of 300 words per entry.

So here’s my first EVER, flash fiction short story competition entry…The Royal House

I love to see Mr Jenson undress, don’t you Susie?” Susie giggled and was about to answer Annie, but stopped when she noticed a tall figure enter the kitchen.

Annie busied herself putting together Her Majesty’s breakfast tray as Mr Jenson, the Head Butler said sternly, “Stop your gossiping Annie, you know how it always gets you into trouble.” Annie smiled, “Sorry Mr Jenson, I was just wondering, you know, the new Princess…” Annie paused as Mr Jenson sat down at the large wooden kitchen table, then continued, “well, do you think she knows or will The Prince tell her after the wedding?” Mr Jenson sighed, ”What are you talking about Annie?”
Annie was excited, “You know sir, The Secret of The House, you know,” she watched as Mr Jenson slowly bent over the table to remove his first contact lens.  Annie stared, smiled and then continued, “she’ll be shocked won’t she sir?” Annie was still staring at Mr Jenson as he replied, “Annie, you know you shouldn’t be speaking of this” he blinked a few times, “she’ll be told and she’ll have to accept it, just like all the others.”  He slowly bent again to remove the second contact lens.

Annie picked up the breakfast tray while watching Mr Jenson as he began to peel his white gloves off slowly one finger at a time, “Well I wish I was a fly on the wall when…” Annie was cut off in mid sentence, “Annie please,” Mr Jenson’s first glove finally allowed his long reptilian fingers to uncurl, flex and stretch out.

Susie, Annie and Mr Jenson all smiled, “Now run along Annie, you know Her Majesty needs her breakfast before getting ‘dressed’ for the day.” He winked at her with his now expanded, glistening, orange and black fiery eye.

By Samantha Smith 

An entry to the Annual Bloggers Bash Post Competition 2018