A blogging Panic

Sorry to anyone who stopped by my blog and saw it had expired!! Technical difficulties or more likely me being stupid! Let me explain…

So I’m here on holiday in Canada at the moment, enjoying the heavy snow, scenery & of course the snowboarding, which I’ll be posting about soon, but what I do want to talk about today is the horrible moment early this week when I thought my blog was about to be deleted!

Since being here in Fernie for the last few days, it’s not been easy accessing WiFi.  Our hotel has WiFi, but it’s not that reliable as it jumps in & out, then of course, we’ve been jet lagged & for the time when we’ve been awake, we’ve played on this amazing Canadian mountain, happy as Larry (whatever that means).

Firstly, unbeknown to me my email attached to my blog had been suspended as Microsoft had suspected unusual activity (access from Canada that is), so after a few days I eventually sorted that out, needless to say I had a lot of emails to catch up on and being on holiday meant I wasn’t in a big rush.

In the meantime I tried a few times to access my blog, but was struggling, which was mainly due to the frustrating WiFi connection, I thought.  I left it a day or so & tried again… This website has been suspended!! Is what I read.

Then the WiFi went off again. I tried again forgetting the WiFi, but just going through my own data as I was beginning to panic and yes…

‘suspended soon to be deleted!!’      What?!      Nooooo!!!

I managed to get through to a WordPress ‘happiness guy’ who, I have to say tried to be so very helpful, although it wasn’t anything to do with them, it seemed to be my domain provider which was the problem, so I tried to login to my domain provider account, which is usually very easy, only to realise that I wasn’t able to access my account from Canada!  Aghhhh!

Well I learnt something new…apparently I cannot login to my UK based domain provider account from Canada?!

Great!    Just Bloomin’ Great!!!

I was actually really upset by now.  I had tried ringing the customer service number a few times but for some reason I just couldn’t get through.  I was beginning to panic slightly, well a lot.

My blog was about to be deleted, I couldn’t access my emails, calling them wasn’t (for some weird reason) working & I couldn’t login to my account because I was in Canada! I honestly didn’t understand why this was happening either because I knew payment for my domain was up to date, (or so I thought) as it was paid by direct debit, so Why?!!!

Jon decided he’d look the company up independently through google and as a number appeared, tried calling…it went straight through… yes!!! Hallelujah & as Luke on the other end asked how he could help I anxiously replied, “I really hope you can”

After giving him my account number, name, memorable word, birthdate & height, weight, hair colour, shoe size (ok maybe he didn’t ask for the last four) he asked me to hold for what appeared to be hours. As he apologised for being so long, he went on to say, “I’m sorry but your account has been deleted due to delayed payment”

“You’ve deleted my blog?!” I could hear my voice breaking a little as the tears welled “but I don’t understand, why?”

Then I realised something… “oh no!” I slumped with head in hands, “I got a new bank card a few weeks ago and I’d forgotten to call them to change the details, I thought I’d called everyone I needed to call, but…Oh F**k”

“Ahhh yes” he said, “that happens a lot”

“What about my blog?” I think I was actually pleading pathetically now, “oh don’t worry I can get that back, not a problem, it’ll just cost a little more”

So after setting up the direct debit again & paying an extra £50 my blog was up & running again within an hour.

Luke was actually really helpful, I’m just such an idiot!! I checked my emails and yes I’d had the warnings, I just hadn’t either seen them, as I get hundreds a day or I’d ignored them as they looked just like the confirmation ones I get when I’ve paid by direct debit every month.  I’m not sure, but what I do know is…

If you have a change of bank card/details please remember your domain provider as well as all the other companies you have to think about calling.

I am sorry if anyone did visit my blog during my panic hours/days and saw that it had expired I was having, lets say, technical difficulties…or rather I am just such an IDIOT!!!!

Am I really the only person in the world who has been so blooming daft to nearly have their blog deleted?