A great read – Glimpses

The last year has been incredibly busy so sitting down and reading a book wasn’t really a possibility and I have to say, I have missed reading and I have a pile of books waiting to be picked up, but one book in particular has rushed to the top of the pile lately – Glimpses.

During my first year of blogging I have ‘virtually’ met some lovely people within the blogging community who have been so supportive and helpful, one person being Hugh from Hugh’sviewsandnews.com  who has, through his blog, given me some great blogging tips and helpful hints throughout the year, so when I saw that he’d written a book called Glimpses, I was really keen to read it as it seemed to be my kind of book.

I used to read quite a lot, enjoying a various genre of books, mainly crime and suspense thriller novels, but I haven’t been able to hold my attention to a long, in-depth book over the last year or so as I’ve just been too darn busy or so bloomin’ tired at the end of each day, so Hughs book has been a perfect addition to our living room coffee table on the boat, as it consists of 28 short stories which I could just easily pick it up, read a story whilst having a coffee and then put it down as and when – brilliant.

I really enjoyed each and every one of the stories, some I enjoyed more than others in fact, some I’ve read again.  Throughout the book I have felt a little shudder, I have laughed, smirked, I’ve been a little shocked at the twists, I’ve shaken my head with raised eyebrows and enjoyed the drama.  My favourites, I think were the four part stories about the Wedding, although each of the stories have their intriguing draw.  Hugh has managed to write a variety of genres within his book and as his description says, if you are familiar and enjoyed, as I did, the TV shows, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Tales Of The Unexpected’, you will enjoy this book, as it is full of the strange and unexpected.

Well done Hugh, it’s a book I will keep picking up and revisiting, oh and by the way, Mary’s a little wicked, isn’t she?!  

Looking forward to your next book 🙂