One year on…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and much merriment!

For us, like most people, Christmas was a time to switch off, take a step back and spend quality time with family.

We had a great Christmas in our camper van, Polly.  We drove up North on Christmas Eve to visit with my family where we spent the time between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day generally eating too much, drinking too much, playing games, (which got quite raucous at times) and laughing a lot, then on Boxing Day evening we drove down South to do much of the same with Jon’s family.  We are here now to see in the New Year in Cornwall.

A little windy on the beach!
Bloomin’ cold on these hills

Coming down to Cornwall always seems to help us relax and at this time in particular gives us time to reflect on the past year.





It has been a crazy year for us starting in January when we made a big decision to sell up and move onto a boat.  From then it took me seven months to sell my business, (not an easy task), while at the same time putting my house on the market, which also sold in seven months, (stressful to say the least).  As we couldn’t transfer all our belongings from the house to the boat we bought a storage container, had it transported to be near the boat mooring and Jon and I insulated and lined it out so hopefully it will be dry for our ‘stuff’.  IMG_7315

We enjoyed the experience of  ‘de-cluttering’, which meant donating a lot of ‘stuff’ to charity and many bags went to the local tip.  Packed a lot of boxes and ‘Eh Voila’ we now, as of the end of October, live on the boat.

So we are now living in an unfinished boat and discovering the differences or should I say,  the pro’s and con’s between living in a house and on a boat.  It’s certainly not been an easy transition, (more about this in a future post).

Also in January 2017 I started something with no idea how it would pan out.  My blog, was born, so January 2018 sees its first full year.  A big smile appears on my face when I think of my very first post, as I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing!  Of course, with everything else which has been taking up my time this past year, I haven’t actually put the time into it which I’d planned to do, so this past week, as I have been heading towards the date of renewal for my ‘WordPress’ account, I have been making up my mind as to how I’ll be taking it forward, because one thing’s for sure, I have discovered that I love to write, I do love blogging and I’d love to carry it on and with hopefully more dedicated time to blogging, I’d like to make something of it, (not sure what that something is yet).

I have made some wonderful connections with some people from the great and helpful ‘blogging community’ out there and I thank you for your help and support over this last year.  My thanks also go out to the lovely followers who pressed that ‘Follow’ button on my website, because I really appreciate your time in reading my posts.  I am looking forward to a new year of blogging, I have a lot of ideas on how to take the blog forward, we have many plans for the coming year, but I would also love to hear your ideas too of what you’d like to see in my blog, of course I realise that I still have so much to learn about writing and bogging itself and I do consider myself to still be very new to this.  I also apologise for not being as interactive as I’d have liked over this past year, but again I should have more time this next year, so bear with me folks, there are plenty of posts on the horizon 🙂

My New Years resolutions? Well I have a few;

  • Learn as much as I can about Blogging – so much to learn! 
  • Oh and be daring enough to actually tell more people about my blog
  • To be able to say with confidence, “I am a Blogger” and face the inevitable strangely pulled faces which follows that statement

Happy New Year to all – Here’s to a great 2018!!