Tis the season…

December.  I had so much planned for this month.  It was the month I was going to ‘get on top of things’.  Get ahead with my blog that is.  I’d organised to ‘tick off’ my quite large blogging ‘To Do’ list, but then I realised Christmas is coming and takes over as priority, Santa’s on his way.  Someone told me it’s only a few weeks to go before those big black boots come down the chimney!  So, loving Christmas as I do and having not realised how near it was, a new ‘To Do’ list was written, a Christmas one.  I’ve planned, I’ve shopped, I’ve wrapped and I’ve put up the Christmas twinkly lights – the boat’s looking quite cosy I must say 🙂

Twinkly lights and Christmas candles making the boat look cosy and Christmassy

Just a few more things to buy, food to plan and a few Christmas tipples to enjoy…This was all before last Monday and then….Wham… it came!

The yearly, dreaded Cold! It hit me last Monday morning, I woke with a sore throat and then Urgghhhh along followed the headache, the continuous runny and sore nose, the coughing – Oh the coughing! Ugghhh!  Then that was it – No energy at all this week, got nothing done! Could barely wipe my nose.  Didn’t feel like doing anything except feel sorry for myself.

‘It’s only a Cold’ I kept telling myself!  It’s nothing, get on with things!  There are people out there with Real illness’s.  I’m not the best at being poorly.  That seems a stupid thing to say I know, but I really don’t do, being ill, well.  I’m rubbish at it!  Some people they just accept it, they get a cold and make the most of it, they snuggle down on the settee with hot drinks, a duvet and watch movies.  I just get so annoyed! I get frustrated, I hate the thought that this stupid cold will stop me doing what I need to do.  I feel it’s just a waste of time.  I always make the mistake of trying to carry on as if there’s nothing wrong, but it’s the wrong thing to do because Where’s my Energy?!  What’s going on?  How does that happen?  How can your limbs just feel so heavy and not work as normal?  So I have a runny nose and a headache, but what’s with the no energy thing? urgghh!  Waste of time!  It wins, it beats me.  So I’ve lost a week! Got nothing done except been grumpy!

Anyway, here’s to all of you who’s been unfortunate enough to have fallen foul to this inevitable Winter cold and endured the runny nose, the red and sore nose, the coughing and achey limbs with no energy to do anything.  You’re excused from feeling sorry for yourself even if it’s just for the short period of time it takes hold.  Then when it thankfully leaves and goes elsewhere to some other poor soul, (let’s face it, we try not to, but this Cold thing is just like a big ‘pass it on’ thing) we can get back to getting on with things with plenty of Energy!  Yeahyyy! Off to the shopping mall to catch up with a few things and a cheeky little meal out 🙂

I’ve certainly not been Loving the fifty something this last week, but back to it now for the lead up to a fun filled Christmas 🙂  I’m sure I’ll get to the other few  ‘To Do’ lists in time 😉









13 thoughts on “Tis the season…

  1. I feel your pain …. I’m pretty rubbish at being ill, too. But the silver lining is that at least you got it now and not over Christmas itself because that would be SO unfair! The boat looks lovely, by the way and pug in the snow is a treat!

    1. Oh it’s just so frustrating at such a busy time, (although every week is a busy week!) yes glad it’s all over & thank you It is lovely sometimes, but then can be a building site is two minutes again, such as this morning as there’s a leak in the boiler 🙄😂 And breathhhhhhh 🤪

      1. Oh no! I hope you get that sorted soon. I had a panic attack in the early hours when I discovered I had no power. All fixed now but really, one could do without nasty surprises this close to C-Day! Bon courage à toi 😃

  2. Sorry, you’ve been feeling unwell, Sam. At least it’s happened before Christmas. Hopefully, that cold virus will be long gone before Santa arrives.
    Enjoy the rest of the build-up and, if you like them, eat mince pies. My Grandmother once told me that mince pies keep colds and flu at bay. All they’ve done to me is expand my middle a little. 😀

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