When sad news triggers good memories

When I heard the sad news that David Cassidy had passed away, I’d just made a cuppa and was sitting down to work on a blog post I was in the middle of writing, but instead I just sat and contemplated for a while.  Hearing this news sparked a few memories for me.

I was suddenly transported back to the early 70’s in my bedroom which I shared with my elder sister.  I was dancing on my bed with a hairbrush in hand held up to my mouth, singing away to something I was obsessed with at that time or maybe I was just trying to be annoying to my sister, (that’s probably more like it), but the ‘jumping around’ on the bed could easily have been to one of David Cassidy’s songs as both my sister and myself loved him.  He was probably more of a heart throb for my big sis than myself though, as I was only around 8 or 9 years old and my sister was in her early teens at that time so I spent most of my life at that stage copying her, annoying her and following her.  My poor sister, I know I was a pain in the ass!


I do remember being glued to The Partridge Family every week, in fact thinking about it now, I remember liking the younger ginger haired kid on the show more, as he was funny and made me laugh.

That bedroom…heck, I haven’t thought of that bedroom in many years.  I remember it so vividly now, two single beds both with large flowery 1970’s bedding, a couple of dressing tables and loads of teddy bears and toys everywhere, including my whole range of Sindy doll collections, (where the heck did all that disappear to? I bet they’d be worth a bob or two now, I had so many), but I wouldn’t be able to tell you the colour of the walls of that room, as they were covered in posters.  Obviously David Cassidy was up there, with his boyish good looks and lovely wavy medium long hair, (my brother had that very same hairstyle by the way and I thought he was So Cool!) David was above my sisters bed along with a poster of Pete Duel who she was also totally obsessed with, (actually, I do know she still has this same poster still in her bedroom today!) does anyone remember that programme he was in?  Alias Smith & Jones, Oh it was so good!  images-9

Pete Duel played Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy, who I thought was the better looking of the two played Kid Curry.  Brilliant series, although with a very sad end for Pete Duel who ended up taking his own life in 1971 at the very young age of 31 years old.

Other posters on those walls included my favourite groups, Earth Wind and Fire and of course, The Jackson Five.  images-5Throughout most of my young life I was pretty obsessed with Michael Jackson and his dancing, Oh come on… he has to be, even now, known as one of the best performers and dancers in the world?  He had me mesmerised with his moves although I’m probably talking about later on in his career.  Getting back to the early 70’s, The Jackson Five, when Michael was very young, well they were just brilliant, energetic, vibrant, just so talented and those outfits and group dance routines – just Wow!  I had all the albums, knew all the words and so had the posters on the wall.  My sister probably took ownership of the poster which had loads of Scottish tartan strewn all over the group – yes you guessed it, The Bay City Rollers.  Brilliant band of that time and oh yes… my sister was one of those teen fans consumed by ‘Rollermania’. images-10

I almost forgot another poster on our wall, of course… Donny.  How could I have forgotten The Osmonds?  Again, my mind goes back to jumping on my bed, hair brush in hand…“Crazy Horses…whaaaaa whaaaaa”   Oh Donny, how you were swooned over!


images-1Other singers or groups I remember dancing around to in the early 70’s were Diana Ross, The Supreme’s, The Carpenters, The O’Jays, The Stylistics, The Emotions, The Three Degree’s, I could go on and on as the music of that time was a big part of my youth.  I have to say though on the subject of music, I was also brought up with Jazz being played around the house as both my dad and brother were big fans, my elder brother in particular.  He was, during the 70’s, a drummer for the School band and for a local jazz band and so I have memories of Buddy Rich records sounding out a little too loud no doubt, out of the windows and through the street, along with my brother accompanying and trying to keep up on his own drums.  images-6

This wasn’t just an early 70’s thing as Buddy Rich was my brothers true idol, not just throughout his youth, but throughout his life, in fact I would argue that he was Mr Rich’s biggest fan having seen him and his band play so many times and in fact meeting him once face to face.


Guess who my brother had on his wall in the 70’s?  Farah Fawcett, now she had a lot of hair 🙂

Another variation of music I was brought up with in that era was from my mum.  She introduced me to musicals of the past, so I also watched and loved the music and dancing by the greats such as, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Bing Crosby, and many more.  It certainly wasn’t 70’s music, but it was during that time of my life that I was hooked and still today, love to sit down and watch a good old musical.

The TV programmes I remember being glued to, apart from The Partridge Family and Alias Smith & Jones were Starsky & Hutch, (I still smile at the thought of Starsky getting out of that water in the opening scenes of each episode with his big black and white cardigan wet through and him running and sliding on the bonnet of that really cool red car with the white stripe down the side) I actually made myself a detective badge! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, I was Jackie Starsky! (Laughing as I type this – I have no idea why I called myself Jackie!) images-8

Little House on the Prairie, Now there’s another one we never missed.  My sister swooned over… Charles Ingles.  I actually loved Laura Ingles as she had plaits just like me, I used to wonder if she also went through the hell that I did every morning of having to sit there and be tortured whilst mum brushed and brushed and brushed whilst pulling my head back almost giving me whiplash every time the brush went through my hair and then to sit there while she plaited… and then there was The Waltons…Oh my word, both Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons had me ‘full on’ crying every episode!


A few other TV programmes which we all tended to watch; Steptoe and Son, Columbo, Kojak, M*A*S*H, Happy Day’s, Bonanza, Taxi…Again, I could go on and on.

I can’t talk about the 1970’s without mentioning the fashion.  Platform shoes and bell bottom trousers along with loud flowery shirts with the widest collars ever!  Like I mentioned earlier, my brother looked So Cool!  I think it must have been a few years later as we were into the mid to late 70’s when my sister started going out.  I remember watching her get ready, putting on the biggest, badass platform shoes available and how she physically walked in them, never mind danced in them I’ll never know, but I remember thinking that she looked ‘Gorgeous’!  e3923683b296700459ece3480f0d452e--s-fashion-vintage-fashion

I couldn’t wait until I was allowed out so that I could wear those shoes.  It was a shame that by the time I was allowed to go out the fashions had changed, I can’t really remember what came next fashion wise.

The memories…Looking back I had a fabulous childhood, I was very lucky as I was brought up in a loving, happy household with the best mum and dad, big brother and sister I could’ve ever wished for, but also when I think back to the music we danced to and the programmes we watched, they too had a big impact to my life.  Strange how all this came to my mind as I was sat listening to the sad news about a teenage idol passing away.

Rest in peace David Cassidy, you were a big part of many peoples’ lives.


Do singers, groups or TV programmes jolt your memories?  What were you doing in those early 70’s?