The Wonders of Decluttering

The best thing about moving out of a house and moving onto our boat, I can say in one word…Decluttering.

You can’t move out of a 3 bedroom house which four of you have lived in for the last 13 years without having the joy of throwing things out.

‘Decluttering’ – I even love the word!

It’s difficult at first, you pick things up which have been in your house for years and start to wrap it up to pack to keep…why?  I had to keep asking myself, “why do we need this?”, it’s not been used in years, why keep it packed up for another few years taking up space, “no-ones even going to notice it’s gone!”  Once you get going with this concept of selling things or just ‘chucking’ out, it becomes a little addictive and yes it’s even quite empowering and liberating.  Why? Why does it make you feel so good? Well I’ve been doing a little research on this as I am really amazed at how great it feels and of course, Googled it, (other search engines are available folks :-))

Low and behold there is ‘oodles‘ of written explanations on google as to why de-cluttering is good for us, such as ridding your house of the dust and toxins from the air, because of course, when these ‘things’ we insist on keeping, but never use just sit there for years on shelves or in drawers, well I can tell you I have been sneezing with the amount of dust that’s been flying around my house in the last few weeks and I thought I had a fairly tidy house – no, no, no I am ashamed to say the areas we don’t see very often, maybe behind the furniture?  Behind the TV? In forgotten drawers? under carpets or behind those chairs which aren’t moved for years? Hmmm well, as I said I thought my house was fairly clean…

The explanation as to why decluttering is good for us though, the one which caught my eye was the mental state that piles of clutter or objects may cause us and when I think about it, I have always got a little ‘stressed out’ when the house feels untidy.  Don’t you feel better when your house looks great? Well de-cluttering your house goes a little deeper than that.  There’s a great article written by Lauren Smith I found in ‘Good‘ where she refers to the clutter around your home being possibly linked to stress, over eating, tiredness, unnecessary loss of money, negatively impacting on your decision making or your mental state, the cause of germs or pests in your home and she also explains how just having ‘all that stuff’ in your home can be dangerous and even make you late for appointments.

Also I found a brilliant article written by Erica Buist in the Guardian dated 2015, where she talks about how ‘Tidying up could change your life‘.  After packing up a three bedroom house to down size and being really strict with throwing things away, giving things to charity or even selling stuff, I for one know how amazing I feel and wish I’d have done this years ago.

Only a week to go until we’re stepping aboard our new home – We’ll really try to keep it clutter free too!