Cornwall here we come!

Since my last post It’s time to sell up and live on a boat…, we’ve  barely had time to think! We gave ourselves a target of getting the house up for sale for Easter which we thought was realistic, but then when we started to look at the jobs we felt needed doing around the place… well… needless to say, we’ve ended up almost re-decorating the whole house, along with a good Spring clean, including the (rather large) garden, garage and sheds as well as working full time and also trying the get the boat ready – Phew…

The house goes on the market this week just in time for Easter so we decided to say “Hello” to Polly the Camper van, packed her up with some toys – surf boards, mountain bikes, canoe, kites and set off down to Cornwall leaving the house in the hands of the estate agent.

Rosie enjoying the journey

We arrived in Helston, Cornwall where we set up camp and spent the next day or so getting over the 13 hour drive down from Yorkshire, (should have been around 8 hours, but got caught up in a major tail back on the M5) and enjoyed some well earned down time, but then yesterday we oiled up the mountain bikes and set off for the afternoon with the idea of heading towards Lizard Point, (the most southernly point of the UK), not actually realising how far south it was.  Although we hadn’t got through Helston before my gear lever fell off, but luckily we were very near to a cycle shop so a big thank you to a very kind guy there who helped me out, put on a new screw thingy and sent us on our way – Thank you Giant Helston Cycle Store !!



With blue sky and the sun on our backs we headed first from the farm where we are staying in Helston on to Penrose where long woodland and coastal paths are bike, horse riding and walker friendly, an absolutely beautiful ride along Loe Pool, the largest natural lake in Cornwall with the English Spring flowers in full bloom and the trees bursting out in leaf.

It was a combination of easy biking trails and harder down hill tracks with enough obstacles to make it interesting.  We then landed onto Loe Bar Beach where we stopped for a picnic lunch and a snooze.


I realised at that point that I’d made a mistake that morning in going for a jog first thing and my legs were feeling tired, so we decided we weren’t going the make the Lizard this trip and changed route to head for base.  We cycled back up onto the coastal path towards Gunwalloe Beach

but soon got sidetracked when we saw a sign for the Halzephron Inn.

Well it would’ve been rude to pass this beautiful country pub without tasting their local Cornish beer, ‘Skinners Porthleven pale ale‘ and they had a very welcoming sunny beer garden too, and as you can see below, Millie needed a break 😉




From there and with a little sway, we then peddled along a short road and then back onto the coastal path back towards and across Loe Bar beach.  It was above Loe Bar Beach where we came across this monument, which stopped me in my tracks.  It is a monument erected in the memory of between 130 – 190 sailors who lost their lives in a tragic accident on the HMS Anson off the coast of Loe Bar in 1807.  An inventor called Henry Trengrouse, from Helston, as a consequence of this tragedy invented the rocket powered rescue system for ships in distress called the ‘Bosun’s Chair’ which in time helped save thousands of lives, he also invented the life jacket – fascinating…

We then headed towards the outskirts of Porthleven where we headed high up following the National Trust footpath across farmland, back down through woodland and back through Penrose














toward Helston where we picked up another woodland river trail that brought us out at Lowertown and at the bottom of a very steep road which I wasn’t overly happy about climbing, but up we had to go up in order to reach Redruth Road then Falmouth Road which then lead us back to the farm and a well earned cup of tea, although something a little stronger found it’s way into a glass too.






The English Spring flowers are absolutely beautiful here.  Wild Garlic, Primroses, Apple & Cherry Blossom, Hawthorn to mention just a few…


We reckon we must have done at least 10 miles biking yesterday along some of the most beautiful woodland and coastal trails with some of the most amazing Cornish views, some easy bike trails, some harder up hill and a couple of exciting down hill rides.   What a great days’ fitness for this fifty something and an almost fifty something fella 🙂 twinned with sightseeing and a sneaky pint in a local country pub.  My legs were aching like mad when I got off my bike not to mention my ass!!

Brilliant day, loved every minute 🙂